Your Guide to Getting Online Groceries Delivery in Canada

Can you imagine never having to leave your home to go to a crowded grocery store?

Online Grocery Delivery Guide

It's the thing of tomorrow - putting all your groceries in an online cart from your couch, and then magially, a few hours later, the doorbell rings and you have all your food without ever having left your home. That's a future that I can get on board with.

But apart from my own desire to never leave my home, online grocery delivery has tons of benefits. You can avoid the classic over-purchasing that takes place when you're walking through cookie and biscuit aisles. You don't have to go out of your way to the superstore for the best deals, and spend hours waiting in line. You can spend that precious time doing other important things (like watching Queer Eye on Netflix). And lastly, for the handicapped or the busy single-parent of three, online grocery shopping is amazingly convenient and helpful.

But now the question comes, from where? If you're in a major metropolitan city (hint, hint: GTA), then your options are pretty much endless, so we've done our research and given you all the info you need for each delivery service to make your decision for the best online grocery store.

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Grocery Gateway by Longo's

One of the oldest in the business, Grocery Gateway lets you use the website or the app to create a grocery list and easily add items to it. You can pick from thousands of grocery products - fresh fruits and veggies, deli, prepared foods, fresh meat and seafood, pantry, snacks, frozen foods, as well as alcohol! Schedule delivery up to two weeks in advance for convenient 90-minute delivery windows with a phone-call reminder 15-minutes prior to the delivery.

  • Delivery Fees: $9.99 flat rate (plus HST)
  • Delivery Area: Greater Toronto Area, including Oshawa, Mississauga, Oakville, and as far west as Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph, and Hamilton.
  • Minimum Order: $50
  • Freshness Guarantee? Yes, Grocery Gateway guarantees that items will delivered with a minimum number of days before expiry. Check out the full list here!
  • Special Features: The Weekly Specials have great discounts on popular products. Save on $5 on delivery by picking-up your order from convenient locations and times. Organic Vegetable Boxes are pre-selected veggies that are in season, and changes weekly!

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Walmart Grocery

Your friendly neighbourhood superstore is finally doing delivery! Only if you're in the GTA though. Walmart Home Delivery only caters to certain postal codes in Toronto, but free pick-up and Penguin Pick-Up is more widespread! If you're already do your grocery shopping at Walmart, this may be perfect for you. Apart from just groceries, Walmart has everything and Walmart Grocery lets you search by Aisles (Pantry, Meat and Organics, Natural and Organic, Bakery, Household Supplies, etc.) to make your shopping more convenient. You can pick delivery windows starting from the next day to three weeks in advance, for one-hour time slots. But remember to be home during delivery because if you're not, your order gets cancelled and you have to re-order!

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One of the fastest growing delivery services, Instacart's main feature is that someone - an actual human person - goes and picks your groceries for you. While superstore deliveries may do the same, there's something comforting about knowing that this third-party deliverer is ensuring you get the best of the best. You can also pick which stores you're getting your groceries from depending on where you are! Stores include Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Zehrs Markets, and more. You can schedule your delivery for 2 hours, or up to 6 days in advance!

  • Delivery Fees: Varies based on size of order
  • Delivery Area: Alberta, BC, Nova Scotia, and Ontario are all in the service area! Find your specific area here.
  • Minimum Order: $10
  • Freshness Guarantee? No specific guarantee.
  • Special Features: Instacart Express is a membership service for free delivery on orders over $35!

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Inabuggy delivers to you from all your favourite grocery stores - Sobeys, FreshCo, Costco, Loblaws, and even the LCBO! Similar to Instacart, Inabuggy has independent shoppers that handpick your food and deliver it to you. Inabuggy stands out in that it delivers from LCBO (helpful in case you're running low on alcohol in the middle of a dinner party) and offers delivery in just one hour!

  • Delivery Fees: $19.98 flat rate.
  • Delivery Area: GTA, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Calgary (as of now)
  • Minimum Order: No minimum order required
  • Freshness Guarantee? Yes!
  • Special Features: INABUX is a loyalty and rewards program that lets you earn money every time you shop!

Mr. Case

Not only groceries, but Mr. Case has you covered for office supplies, bulk or imported foods, paper products and more! You might not find fresh meats or seafoods here, but you can definitely find everything else. Mr. Case services the GTA and neighbouring areas only, and you can also place an order by phone if a computer or cell phone isn't available. You can even get deliveries to your cottage on the weekends!

  • Delivery Fees: $5 for orders over $75, or $8 for orders under $75 for GTA (varies for other areas)
  • Delivery Area: GTA, as well as Markham, Oakville, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Kitchener/Waterloo, and more.
  • Minimum Order: No minimum order required.
  • Freshness Guarantee? No specific guarantee.
  • Special Features: You can Request a Product, and custom brand your packaging for a special touch.

Now that you have the facts, you can make your decision! I think it's worth mentioning Amazon in this list of online grocers. While Amazon Fresh hasn't crossed over to Canada yet, you can still save tons with Amazon's Subscribe and Save program that lets you place recurring orders on your essentials, like baby products, pantry or beauty products, cleaning products, and more! You can save up to 15% through Subscribe and Save and get free delivery!

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