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If you can't think of why you need a wrist watch, here's the main one - your phone battery dies and you need to tell the time. But apart from just time-telling reasons, wrist watches are a great accessory. You can splurge on a luxury watch for a birthday, or save and spend on an everyday smartwatch that will quickly become your saviour. From the casual to the metal, the options are endless, the pros and cons are varied, and we're here to help.

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Casual Wrist Watches

If you want something that'll match your weekend outfits, check out our casual wristwatch options. They are understated and if telling time is all you want, they're perfect. Casual watches can either be metal, leather, or any other material that won't cost you a lot of money.

Check out Sturhling Original on Overstock.com for great style and reasonable prices. We recommend the Men's Swiss Quartz Regatta Elite for your everyday watch. If you're looking for something under $50, check out the SO&CO New York Men's Yacht Watch on Clearance.

Luxury Wrist Watches

If it's the opposite of casual you're looking for, luxury wrist watches make a great investment, a great gift, and a great addition to complete your special occasion outfit. Though they'll cost upwards of a few hundreds, luxury watches will last you longer and offer a clean and crisp look compared to the sometimes messy look of cheaper watches.

Brands like Tissot, Tag Heuer, Movado, and Victronix Swiss Army are all front runners, and all available at Hudson's Bay. You're guaranteed quality at the Bay, as well as free shipping for any orders over $45! Check out the Tissot Unisex Quartz Everytime Leather Watch for a simple watch, or the Movado Museum Dial Stainless Steel Watch if you're looking to step out of your comfort zone.

Sport Wrist Watches

Not looking for something slim and dainty? No problem! The classic men's sport wrist watches are still very much in style, and are definitely more durable too. They offer larger dials and numbers, a material that will preserve, features like calendars and stopwatches. You'll save on money too! Sport watches feature a lower price and more sale options.

You can find great options from Casio and Timex at Amazon.ca. They offer the ultra-basic, user friendly and reasonably priced Casio Digital Sports Watch or the water-resistant Timex Ironman Classic Watch, both for under $100!

Smart Watches

If you want a watch that can do it all, then you need a smartwatch. They tell time, they have calendars, they have push notifications and text messaging options. You can connect them to your laptop or cell phone and have your entire life on your wrist. On the flip side, smartwatches will cost you much more than an ordinary watch. Even with online sales and discounts, smartwatches trend upwards of $100.

Industry giant liked the Apple Watch will cost you upwards of $350 in most cases. Amazon.ca offers a variety of great dupes and lower-cost alternatives that may not have the longevity of an Apple Watch, but perform mostly the same functions for a tenth of the cost.

Fitness Tracker Watches

If it's less about the watch, and more about the fitness, then you should look for a fitness tracker. If you're counting steps or calories, tracking your weight or heart rate, then a fitness tracker is a neat little device that can make your life easier. Most fitness trackers offer basic functionalities as well, and will on average cost the same, if not less, than a smart watch.

The FitBit is the most popular fitness tracker, offering activity tracking, smartphone connection, and daily reminders. The FitBit Alta, the FitBit Charge 2, and the FitBit Alta HR all range from $129.99 to $149.99, and you can luck out with some great sales for special occasion (think Black Friday or Cyber Monday).

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