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In need of a hobby? Try becoming a handbag collector, we highly recommend it. You should be aware of some of the side effects though, like disappearing money from your bank account and disappearing space from your storage closet. But if you're able to, you can become of those highly elusive people that love purses of all kind, and somehow don't spend upwards of $250 on each purses. We hear they're great people.

If that's your aim, then keep on reading for our best online stores to buy purses for cheap.

Guess Factory

Guess is a quintessential handbag brand, and if you don't have a Guess bag in your arsenal, you definitely know someone who has. The Guess Factory offers affordable prices for some of the most stylish trends. Most handbags trend under $100, and you can take advantage of 15% off & free shipping by signing up for their newsletter!

The Bay

The Hudson Bay has every handbag under the Sun, so you'll definitely find something you like. They carry all your favourite brands, like Ralph Lauren, Coach, Marc Jacobs and Steve Madden. Finding a reasonable price is a little harder, but check out the Sale for bags up to 40% off and keep an eye out at the end of the season for some blowout sales.


If you want a dupe of the famous Prada Executive Tote, but don't want to pay $1,500, then check out Zara's impressive handbag collection. They carry tons of original designs, but also tons of designs inspired by much more expensive brands. You can pick up for free in store or get free standard shipping on orders over $50!


Looking for durability and quality, Simon's has got you covered. From faux leather totes to suede hobo bags, Simon's has clean, classic styles that are perfect for the day or work. It won't cost you an arm and a leg, and you can also get free delivery for orders over $100!


It might not be the first store that comes to mind, but Overstock.ca has over 500 handbags for you to choose from, with most of them on sale! You can pick from brands like Michael Kors or Kate Spade on sale, or great individual pieces, most under $50. Sign up for an additional 15% off.

Here's some of our other recommendations for finding a cheap handbag online:

Shop Bentley

  1. Bentley has luggage, athletic bags, and of course, handbags from Roots, Cargo, and more. Sign up for 10% off and get free shipping on orders over $75!


  • Aldo offers a huge variety of classic handbags, most of which are under $100! Sign up for 15% off and get free shipping on orders over $70!


  • If there's one particular bag you're looking for, check out eBay for great second-hand options!

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