Where to Buy iPads & Tablets Online in Canada!

The Answer is at Your Finger Tips!

Places to Shop for iPads & Tablets!

We know you’ve done your research and you’ve already decided between buying an ipad or tablet. Now, the tricky part, where can you find the best price to complete your transaction? Queue Shop.ca, and find all the research done for you on where you’re going to get the best deal on your new device! Of course, the shopping will be done from the comfort of home as we’re serving up the options online for your new ipad or tablet!

We can all agree to disagree on which brand is your favourite because in this article that isn’t important! What matters here is where you’re going to get the best price so keep reading to find out!

Best Buy

Your classic electronics store has exactly what you’re looking for! Whether you’ve narrowed it down to an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab or a Microsoft Surface Best Buy has it all and savings to boot! Here are a few of our recommendations:


As you expected Walmart has it all! And in terms of tablets and iPads they again have quite the selection at their always affordable prices. Here’s a few of our recommendations:


While most folk’s think of Costco as their go to destination for bulk food, which it is if you shop in-store.However, you will be thrilled with their selection of iPads and tablets online. Let us call out a few of our favourites for you!


If we could recommend anything something here completely unrelated to the tablet you purchase, it would be make sure your grab an Amazon Prime Membership! With those shipping their incredibly fast shipping times you won’t believe how quickly your new device will arrive. Here are some highlights:

Factory Direct

We think it’s safe to say Factory Direct knows a thing or two about electronics. We definitely recommend them as one of your sources for iPads & tablets. Here are a few that deserve honourable mention:

Let us know what iPad or tablet you choose!

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