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Searching for a new vacuum cleaner, and are lost? Can you sacrifice a month's rent for that new Dyson? What's better for you - a canister vacuum? A robotic vacuum? Where do you go to buy them? Is there some sort of special vacuum cleaner store that can make all these decisions for you? Well, no. But, we have made your decisions easier for you!

Keep on reading for our thoughts on which vacuum cleaners you should buy from where and for how much.

Canister Vacuum

These are great if you need to get into the nooks and crannies of your home. A separate canister means you can easily vacuum stairs or under furniture. They're also lightweight and flexible, but dragging a canister behind can be awkward for some. You might also need to change vacuum heads more frequently, especially if going from a carpet to bare floors.

Upright Vacuum

Though not as easy to use, upright vacuums are the far more popular choice. They are great for larger open spaces and usually have larger dust bags that require less changing. They also tend to be cheaper, but are less maneuverable, heavy and hard to carry, and require more storage space.

Robot Vacuum

The ultimate home helper, the robot vacuum is great for the working professional, the busy mom, the pet owner, or anyone who doesn't have time to vacuum and can let this little guy roam free! In exchange for being so easy to use, robot vacuums have smaller dust bags that require more frequent changing, and are often one of the costlier vacuums on the market.

Cordless Vacuum

They're cordless and will clean your apartment just as well as any corded vacuum. Cordless stick vacuums can maneuver around your furniture easily and are perfect if you're working on a smaller space that can be cleaned in just one charge. The downside is that they might not last as long as other vacuums and you're paying extra for not having to deal with a cord.

Hand Vacuum

This little handy vacuum is perfect if you don't need a powerful machine, and are only dealing with small messes. They're probably the cheapest vacuums on the market, but won't be effective on any spill larger than your glass of milk.

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