Top 7 Life Hack Kitchen Gadgets Under $10 on Amazon!

Products You Didn't Know You Needed Till Right Now.

7 Kitchen Gadgets Under $10 @ Amazon

If you've ever thought, "hey, there should be an app for this," then you can probably understand how I feel about these products. I can shave seconds off my day with these, and to boot, make myself look like the coolest person in the room (hopefully not just in my head, either) for spending so little on something worth so much!

1. A Spork for $5!

...for those who hate doing dishes as much as they love multipurpose tools.
There's nothing I love more than efficiency, and using the same utensil as a spoon and a fork? You had me at "same utensil". PlayOutdoorMom says it's durable and well made. I don't know about you, but I trust an outdoor Mom.

2. A Strawberry Slicer for $6.73!

...for perfect slices so that your pie is Insta-worthy.
You know what I would love to do less of in the kitchen? Everything, yes. But since take-out all day, every-day isn't feasible, I'll just try to make my life in the kitchen easier. So slicing, dicing, chopping? If something can do that for me, I'm all for it! Ally says it seems silly, but it works great for decorations!

3. A Banana Slicer for $4.99

...for all those banana bread loafs you'll be making this summer (for me).
I would love to add a few banana slices to my cereal, but I am always in a rush every morning and just run out the door with a banana-less cereal. So, anything that will save me time, is a must-have! Karen says it's also safe for kids to use too!

4. A Clip-On Strainer for $6.75! avoid dropping half the pasta into the sink.

Dropping half the pasta into the sink while draining out the water, let's admit it, we have all been there and it sucks! I often avoid taking out a strainer because that's one less thing to wash, but sadly I have yet to master the art of draining all the water out of my pasta without dropping any into the sink. This gadget will save me time and pasta! Tammy says that the product is exactly as shown above!

5. A Garlic Chopper for $8!

...have finely chopped garlic with a simple twist!
Garlic is delicious, but it can take forever to peel and chop. This garlic chopper saves you tons of time by chopping and grinding multiple cloves with just a simple twist! Dinner prep will be much less with one of these in my kitchen! Karishma says the garlic chopper is a time saver!

6. A Tea Infuser for $5.20! you can skip the line at Starbucks for your morning green tea!
A tea infuser lets you to brew loose tea leaves while on the go. You can use it at home or take it to the office to have tea whenever you want. It’s eco-friendly as you won’t need a tea bag. And, you can save money because brewing your own tea is cheaper than buying a cup at a cafe. Amanda says these are easy to use and easy to clean!

7. A Jar Opener for $4.46! get lids off jars and cans without a struggle!
If you’re like me and find yourself wasting your time trying to get the lid off that jar of jam. This little tool is great for you! This could make a great gift for an elderly parent or a grandparent who is living on their own. Joumana says that this makes it easy to pop open any jar!

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