The Kate Spade Shopping Guide for Canadians

From Where to When: Everything You Need to Know!

Kate Spade Shopping Guide

Colourful. Classy. Cute? Yes! You'd be hard pressed to find a good word that isn't synonymous with Kate Spade New York. The brand has handbags and clothing, accessories and shoes, swimwear and home decor, gifts and stationary and everything else you'd want with that quintessential Kate Spade charm. Best of all is that Kate Spade gives you the best of both worlds - effortless quality associated with high-end brands at not-so-high-end brand prices.

If you don't remember the time that Kate Spade fleece blankets went to Costco and everyone lost their mind for the deal, then you don't yet know how great finding a Kate Spade deal is. Never fear, I've compiled everything you need to know for buying Kate Spade online and on a discount!

Where to Buy Kate Spade Online

  • KateSpade.Com. Start with the source itself, and check out the next section for all the tips you need!

  • Hudson's Bay. The Bay carries everything from dinnerware, handbags, accessories, stationary, and other obscure Kate Spade branded products you didn't realize existed. The products differ slightly - The Bay doesn't offer feature the most up to date products, but with the prices in CAD, it's worth being in last season's styles.

  • Indigo. If you're after stationary, gifts, or other knick-knacks, head over to Chapter's Indigo for a huge inventory of Kate Spade products. You'll find tons of notebooks, watches, decor, dinnerware and more here - including iPhone cases!

  • Walmart. Who would've known that you find Kate Spade at your local Walmart? The inventory isn't as great (watches, perfumes, and a few handbags) but most products often have reduced prices.

  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Featuring over 1,000 Kate Spade New York branded products, you can find a ton of kitchen and dining, home decor, and gift products at this big-box retailer. Cozy Kate Spade comforters and duvets, you'll get them here!

  • Costco. It goes up and down, but Costco carries some great Kate Spade products - including the Cameron and Jackson Street collection that everyone loves. Sprinkle in a watch, some dinnerware, and hopefully some more fleece blankets soon, and it's a great store to watch for when deal hunting.

Shopping at KateSpade.Com?

If you're shopping online, the best place to start is Kate Spade itself, but for us Canadians, that means shopping in USD. From my personal experience shopping online for Kate Spade (of which there's tons, I can assure you), here's some helpful tips:

  • Mailing List Promotion: Subscribe to Kate Spade's newsletter for 15% off your next purchase! If you bundle up your purchases, you're saving on paying tax, and a bit extra.

  • Surprise 75% Off Sale! Every couple months or so, you'll open your email and see a 3 or 4 day event from Kate Spade, where you can get up to 75%! Usually, the sale products are from the ending season or clearance (which means it's final sale) but you can get great bundles (wallets and handbags, for example) for even cheaper.

  • Extra 30% Off Sale: Frequently, Kate Spade will run promotions for an extra 30% off sale products with a promo code. Currently it's with code GREATFIND so head on over to Kate Spade for your discount (ends 11:59pm on May 29th).

  • $10 Shipping: It's a flat rate (and occasionally, you can qualify for free shipping to Canada during a sale) but even if you shop to your heart's content, it's still only $10.

Best Deals on Kate Spade

Right now, there's tons of great deals on Kate Spade around the internet, and I've gathered them here for you:

Remember, you can use code GREATFIND for an extra 30% off sale items till 11:59pm on May 29th on KateSpade.Com

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