The Easy Gift Shopping Guide

Avoid the headache with these quick and easy gift ideas.

Easy Gift Shopping Guide

Receiving gifts is great but giving is a special type of problem. No matter how well you may know your friends and family, some of us have a hard time deciding on one thing. Other times, there are people we don’t know a lot about, but they’ve somehow grappled their way onto our list.

If you don’t have the skill to locate the perfect gifts, this handy guide will provide you with easy but also thoughtful presents that will suit all of your relationships.

Check out our gift guide below.

Gift Cards

This is the holy gift item that you can personalize with the least amount of effort. You can guarantee that the recipient will use it, which means it was a good gift. All you need is a small fact about their interests to know where to get them a card from.

Do they read? Are they a movie-buff? Are they living at the gym? Do they cook a lot or are they trying a new diet? Do they enjoy shopping?

These types of questions will lead you to the answer. You can pick a shallow fact or probe deeper for their exact current interest. Either way, gift cards are suitable for everyone!

Winter Accessories

It is quite a sad fact that almost half the year in Canada it's winter. However, in this case, that might a good thing! If you've been doing gift cards for the last couple of years and want something more specific, everyone could use new winter accessories.

Scarves, gloves, hats, mitts, layers, ear muffs, you name it, they are all fair game. You can try a funky design or brands that are known for their quality insulation or environmental initiatives. No matter what you do, you can't really go wrong with this gift.

Gift Baskets & Sets

For occasions when you're visiting someone's home for the holiday, or you just have a friend that is extremely hard to shop for but you know they like candles - gifts sets are perfect. They are beautifully decorated and come with so many items that the recipient will have to like at least one thing.

With women, you can head to a Bath and Body Work or The Body Shop for a body care set, grab a set of fragrances, or a nice candle and diffuser set. There is also the option to gift a chocolate basket. You'll be able to find gift sets in most stores this holiday season so if you have no other ideas, it's a good backup plan.

Picture Frame & Other Home Decor

This is probably the most impersonal gift on the list, but it's still useful...or will be eventually. These kind of gifts are perfect for people you don't know every well. As long as you get something that looks pleasing to the eye, the recipient will be pleased.

This is not the gift you yourself want to be stuck with at your community secret Santa, but people can always make room on their walls for one more picture frame.

Visa Mastercard

Sometimes, just giving an envelop of cash is what you may want to do, but that's outdated. Instead, fill up a Visa Mastercard with a suitable amount and let your recipient decide their own perfect gift. This idea will be appreciated by young adults who will always welcome some extra cash and acquaintances you don't know that well.

And there you have it folks! With these options, you should be able to conquer your holiday shopping list with little to no problem. Good luck shopping!

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