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Do you remember those old, brick Nokia phones? Or the block computer with a dial-up connection you shared with your entire family? Those devices are now available in a neat little device for your wrist. You can do almost anything with a smartwatch - make a phone call, check your messages, see how many steps you've walked, respond to emails, schedule a meeting, conquer the world. But with so many available on the market, it can be hard to find the smartwatch that is perfect for you.

We've narrowed down the long list of smartwatches available on the market based on what you're looking for, so keep on reading!

Best from Apple - Apple Watch 3

Some may not consider it the best in the industry, but there's no denying that the Apple Watch 3 is the perfect smartwatch match for any iOS or Apple user. You can seamlessly connect to your iPhone or Mac. The GPS feature lets you track your movement, even underwater where you can swim with it without being worried! Use it for Apple Pay or to track your calendar. Use Siri or stream music from Apple Music easily.

While you have the option for LTE, we recommend staying away from it for the non-LTE version that has a longer battery life and a better price.

Buy on Apple for $429!

Best from Samsung - Samsung Gear S3

Focused on fitness, the S3 still has all the features you've come to expect from a state of the art smartwatch, like GPS, a HR tracker, water resistance, and activity tracking. The huge screen and a long lasting battery mimic the Apple Watch, but if you're an Android user and want to connect between your phone and laptop, the S3 is the perfect choice for you. It works with both Samsung and other phones (you might need to download some apps to make it work, though).

Though it's built to match the Apple Watch, the Gear S3 can feel a bit heavy and bulky to wear.

Buy on Amazon for $389.84!

Best for Fitness Fanatics - Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic was the fitness tracking company's foray into smartwatches, and so far, so good. The Ionic features a HR tracker, activity tracker, a 5+ day battery, a built in GPS, and tons of popular apps. You get smartphone notifications and use Fitbit Pay when you're on the go. It's water resistant up to 50M, and you can use it to track laps in the pool too! The Ionic is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices so no matter what phone you're using, you can seamlessly use the Ionic.

Though it's the premier fitness tracking smartwatch, the Ionic is still more fitness focused and might have a lack of apps for some, as well as a slower interface.

Buy on Fitbit for $399.95!

Best for Thrifty Users - MPOW Tracker

For under $50, the MPOW tracker is one of Amazon's bestsellers and if you're on a budget, one of the best options for you. The sleek look combined with most of the important smartwatch features plus a 7+ day battery life make it pretty unbeatable for that price. Features include a HR tracker, sleep quality and activity tracker, smartphone notifications, and a remote control phone camera. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices.

For that price, it sacrifices some key features - there is no GPS and a lack of apps, and no water resistant features. The screen is small and the syncing can often take long.

Buy on Amazon for $35.99!

Best for Luxury Users - Montblanc Summit Smartwatch

Montblanc's first luxury smartwatch has the best technology with a classic, timeless design. Features include interchangeable straps, smartphone notifications, voice translation, HR tracker and activity tracker, and a variety of pre-loaded apps. It's water resistant but without immersion. Geared towards the office executive, Montblanc's clean watch face is perfect to accompany you from your meeting to the plane. It's compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Though you're paying for the luxury quality of the product, the battery life of the Summit lasts only one day.

Buy on Montblanc for $1,240!

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