The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Tommy Hilfiger Online in Canada!

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Tommy Hilfiger Online

Let's face it - we all love Tommy Hilfiger (some maybe more than others, AKA, me), and we all love buying Tommy Hilfiger online. The iconic label, the blue, red, and white, it's about as classic as fireworks on Canada Day. That said, Tommy isn't the easiest brand to find deals and sales for, but we tried our best. We scoured the internet, spent hours upon hours going through sales upon sales, and only did a minimal amount of shopping ourselves in that time. But we actually did it. We made an all encompassing guide to buying Tommy Hilfiger online, with the best deals, sales, and finds!

So, without further ado, keep on reading!

Tommy Hilfiger Deals - Updated!

If you're looking to find the best steal, check out some of our favourites here! We'll update this regularly as we go, so check back in soon.

Up to 75% Off Men's & Women's Watches

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Tommy Hilfiger Online in Canada!

The styles are classic, the material is well worth the investment, and now the prices are pretty great. It's hard to say no to this great discount from Nordstrom Rack. It's not just watches either, there's over 300 Tommy Hilfiger products on sale! Those Fentii sneakers, everyone's favourite boxers, and dress shirts - Nordstrom Rack has it all! The prices are USD and we'll be charged a little bit extra to cover duties for living in Canada, but even then, it's a great deal.

Over 30% Off Essentials at Tommy Hilfiger

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Tommy Hilfiger Online in Canada!

If you take a little peek over at the Tommy Hilfiger Sales section, you'll see some great deals and if you look at the numbers, you'll see that most of the sale is 30% off or more! From dresses and shoes to belts and hats, from Tommy Jeans to Tommy X Gigi Hadid, you can get your favourite styles at a steal. There's over 600 products on sale and I'm sure you can find quite a few needles in that haystack.

BONUS! Use promo code TEAMTOMMY for an additional 30% Off Tommy Jeans! And if you want your purchase to help a great cause, check out our Tommy Hilfiger section in Brands That Are Giving Back for Pride Month!

Up to 70% Off Tommy Hilfiger at The Bay!

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Tommy Hilfiger Online in Canada!

Make the trip to Hudson's Bay a family outing, because you're going to find something for everyone. There's ties and shirts and suits; kids clothes and shoes; women's everything; accessories, the list goes on and on and on. If that doesn't appeal to you, there's also this - the sale section is up to 70% off! Over half off your favourite dresses, the shoes you've been eyeing since they got released two years ago, and the perfect opportunity to stock up on gifts!

Where to Buy Tommy Hilfiger Online

If we're talking about buying Tommy Hilfiger online, we should probably start with discussing what we're buying. You could go for the Tommy classics - the shirts, the shoes, and the clothes. Or you could be after Tommy watches and bags for that perfect emblematized accessory. Or it's home products you want - Tommy Hilfiger sheets, I can personally attest to, are worthy of a great sleep.

Here's the stores I'd recommend, and what you should buy from there!

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Tommy Hilfiger Online

There's no better place than the original! Check out Tommy Hilfiger's website for some great original finds. They have everything you could want from Tommy, and some things that might surprise you too! The site might be in USD, but they definitely ship to Canada and for your ease, all shipping charges and duties are collected on checkout so there aren't any surprise fees when you receive your package!

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Tommy Hilfiger at The Bay

Canada's favourite department store strikes again! From socks to shirts to swimwear to shoes, all of Tommy Hilfiger's iconic apparel can be found at the Bay. The Tommy Hilfiger Kids collection is especially great, considering almost everything is on sale! The signature Tommy Hilfiger handbags, from shopper totes to zipper crossbody bags, are all available on discounts up to 25% off! Even better, you can score a free Signature Coin Bag Gift with the purchase of a handbag! To make shopping at the Bay even more enticing, they offer free shipping on orders over $45!

Image result for amazon logoTommy Hilfiger at Amazon

It's Amazon, so you know they have everything. It might not have the first place you looked for Tommy Hilfiger, but it's probably one of the best. A quick search will give you tons of different deals on Tommy Hilfiger products, from wallets, baseball caps, boxers, polos, belts, and on and on and on. The shipping prices vary (but if you have Amazon Prime, free one-day shipping is a possibility!) but the prices are hard to beat - nearly everything is on sale! The watches are up to 35% off! If you've been trying to find that one elusive Tommy Hilfiger bag or travel neck pillow (Tommy Hilfiger has EVERYTHING!), then Amazon is your best bet.

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Tommy Hilfiger at Simon's

Simon's has a great collection of Tommy Hilfiger for Men and Women, as well as Tommy Jeans! The curated women's collection has underwear and socks, and men can peruse the men's collection for great finds on ties, boxers and PJs, socks, backpacks and more! The Tommy Jeans is where Simon's beats it competitors, with graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, and those iconic Tommy jeans! Get free shipping on purchases over $100, and we know it won't be hard to get to that amount!

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Tommy Hilfiger on Yoox

Shoes, clothes, accessories, bags, and some more shoes for good measure! Yoox is a US based site, but they ship to Canada, with all duties calculated at checkout. Their range includes tons of Tommy Hilfiger collections, including Tommy Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger Denim, Hilfiger Collection, and Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger too! So if you're looking for something specific (or everything, like we usually are), then it's a great place to start. Check out the Sales for finds up to 35% off, including sweaters, coats, shoes, jeans, and tons more!

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Tommy Hilfiger at Urban Outfitters

It's where every teenager is shopping at, and for Tommy Hilfiger, you should be too. Urban Outfitters not only has a great collection of Tommy Hilfiger underwear, sweaters and Tommy Jeans, they have their very own Tommy Hilfiger X UO Collection that's exclusive to Urban Outfitters! The collection includes bodysuits, bikinis, leggings, comfy sweatshirts, shorts, and sweats, and t-shirts. Keep an eye on the sale section, where you can hit gold! Like this retro windbreaker Tommy Hilfiger jacket at almost 50% off!

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Tommy Hilfiger at ShopStyle

It's the world's most fashionable search engine, and now we know why. You can't buy anything on ShopStyle, but they can find deals for you! Just search "Tommy Hilfiger" and lo' and behold, you've got deals. You even have the option to search for something pre-owned, if vintage and thrifty is your style. Check out the Plus Size and Home sections for deals hard to find anywhere else.

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Tommy Hilfiger at WayFair

All your Tommy Hilfiger Home desires, all in one place. The Tommy Hilfiger home collection has sheets, blankets, accessories, chairs, towels, and even sofas! We're sure that's something you've never heard before, and yes, it's true - Tommy Hilfiger has sofas. Now your home can really all be Tommy Hilfiger like we know really truly want. WayFair has tons of products on sale up to 25% off and offers free shipping on orders over $75!

Tommy Hilfiger Outlets in Canada

If you're in the area and have a bunch of time on your hands, these Tommy Hilfiger outlets might be worth checking out!

  • Montreal: 6856, Rue St-Hubert, Montréal B1-1007 rue du Marché-Central, Montréal QC H4N 1J8
  • Mirabel: 9001, Chemin Notre-Dame, Mirabel, Quebec J7J 0T1
  • Toronto: 1 Bass Pro Mills Dr, Vaughan, ON L4K 5W4
  • Toronto: 775 Britannia Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5V 2Y1
  • Toronto: 3401 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6A 2T9

Let us know what your favourite Tommy Hilfiger deal is, and if you've found some we haven't!

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