A Woman's Guide on Where to Buy The Perfect Shirt for Every Occasion in Canada

From day to night, the perfect shirt shouldn't be this hard to find!

Women's Shirts & Tops

If you're anything like me, then the number of shirts in your closet is directly proportional to your age - it keeps going up, and never down. But in my quest to refine my wardrobe and maybe not spend all (just most) of my money on clothes, I've come across these places to shop when you're looking for the perfect shirt.

Ultimately, it comes down to three factors - quality, variety, and price. To find the perfect balance of all three isn't easy, but hopefully using this list will help you make sure you're buying smart (if not always buying less).

The Classic

T-Shirts. You can't go wrong with a t-shirt paired with jeans, shorts, a skirt, pants, and just about anything else. Finding the perfect shirt is a little bit tougher than finding something to pair with it, though, so here's our breakdown:

  • Aritzia wins on quality in our book, with classic, clean, and simple options that everyone would love. It's the prices you might be so fond of though, but if you're willing to sacrifice for quality, then definitely check them out.

  • Urban Outfitters might not be the cheapest option, but Urban Outfitters definitely has a t-shirt you'll love, considering there's over 200 of them. The prices start at $24, but you have colour options on nearly every t-shirt and the option to search by style, neckline, or sleeve!

  • Ardene is a great budget-friendly option on t-shirts. You can find great options under $10 in a ton of basic and sporty styles. Though they might be of the highest quality, you're definitely getting bang for your buck with Ardene.

Working Girl

Whether it's a button up or a nice printed blouse or even just a fancy t-shirt, finding tops appropriate for work is, well, work. It's hard to strike that balance between cute and official, but these stores might help you out.

  • Reitman's is a Canadian classic, and a great place for trusted, high quality blouses and tops that would definitely be approved by any office dress code. The styles are clean, simple, and easy to match with pants or skirts. You might not find a ton of variety but then again, it's hard to find variety in office clothes. The prices tend to hover around the $50 mark, which could be a deal-breaker for some.
  • Hudson's Bay might be my favourite place on Earth, and it's definitely the first place I'm going to find a shirt for work. With over 5,000 tops in total, there's not only variety but there's also range of prices, with tops starting around $10. Frequent sales and multiple brands make it an even better place to shop.
  • Old Navy is my trusty go-to for good styles and even greater prices. You can average tops and blouses around $30, with a surprising amount of trendiness. They have fun patterns, clean lines, and styles that look good on everyone.

Sun's Out, Guns Out

Despite what the rest of the world may think, it gets pretty warm in the Canadian summer and tank tops are my go-to from June to August. But other than the classic ribbed top, it can be hard to find the variety in tank tops.

  • TopShop is a great median for fun, trendy styles in good quality and non-exorbitant prices. The variety of camisoles and vests is huge, with over 300 options available but the prices might be that amazing - some camisoles average over $50, which might be too steep for most.
  • Zara gives a new meaning to tank tops. Gone are the spaghetti straps, replaced with cute sleeveless tops that you could wear from work to the beach to the party. Like everything at Zara, the prices are mid-range but the collection is varied and it's often a great medium for quality meeting price.
  • H&M can supply your entire t-shirt collection, but their tank-tops are particularly interesting - from elegant sleeveless tops to the classic ribbed basic tank top, everything is available and nearly everything is under $20. You might be wearing what the girl next to you on the bus is wearing, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice for keeping the pennies in my pocket.

Date Night?

Or a dinner party with your boss? Maybe a gala event (what even are galas, anyway?) Or maybe you just want to dress nice while grocery shopping for that cute cashier. Either way, nice tops and shirts are definitely a must-have in every woman's wardrobe and here's where to find them.

  • Aritzia is at it again, with their impossibly cute selections of blouses that you can filter through. Looking for something off the shoulder, or button up? A peasant blouse to match those flare jeans for 60s night? Aritzia has it all, at great quality but maybe not the best prices.
  • The Bay has over 1,800 blouses available online so we know you're going to find something you want there. The prices range from designer-expensive to the department-store-cheap, and the multitude of brands and styles makes for the perfect starting point for your shopping.
  • Old Navy sways more in the casual direction, but it's unbeatable combination of great prices and cute styles means that you can definitely mix-and-match to find the perfect date night or party top from here. Surprisingly on trend, you'll never be wearing last year's styles with Old Navy!

Now that we have the staples covered, let us know where else you're shopping for women's tops and shirts!

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