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OverviewHP Mobility Manager (MM) is a software module that monitors wireless networks, aids in RF visualization, and leverages HP PCM+ tools in the management of mobility devices. It also integrates with other HP PCM+ plug-ins such as HP Identity Driven Manager to protect and control access to wireless services.Features- Mobility dashboard: Summary views: display connectivity status for wireless devices, neighbors, unmanaged devices, and clients (end users); include graphs and performance charts for trending and traffic monitoring. Real-time monitoring: Mobility Manager provides connectivity status of controllers, managed APs and autonomous APs every 30 seconds. Customizable panels: allows you to customize a dashboard by choosing which graphs and charts are displayed in your dashboard.- Site View Map: Customizable Site View: helps you remember where your APs are located with drag-and-drop placement of APs on a user-imported floor plan. Monitorable status in Site View: tracks managed AP status in real time on your floor plan in the Site View tab. RF coverage with new APs: for new APs, Mobility Manager can suggest the ideal location for best coverage on a floor plan with user-defined obstacles.. Heat Map : displays RF coverage of individual or combined APs (both real or virtual).- Reporting: Current and historical reports: support customizable performance reports for trending, traffic analysis, and planning purposes; reports can be generated for the current period or for up to five years in the past .- Performance Graphs : Wireless Metrics : help track current and historical performance so you can monitor increases or under utilized APs (Shows Rx/Tx traffic, mode types etc).. - .- Wireless Status Views: Wireless Status: Wireless Status tab consolidates key information in one place. For controllers it maintains status on mobility activity, DHCP Server, VPNs, ports, VLANs, IPSec, and RADIUS. For APs, MM provides details on usage at the client level down to the CPU load level and across neighbors and local meshes..- Electronic and telephone support: limited electronic and telephone support is available from HP; refer to for details on the support provided and the period during which support is available.- Software releases: refer to for details on the software releases provided and the period during which software releases are available for your product(s).J9751A is an enablement license and requires a base, PCM+ license. Use J9751A with either a HP PCM+ v4 50-device software license or a PCM+ v4 Unlimited device license.: - The MM v4 license is no longer based on device counts as it had been in previous releases. - PCM+ v4 will continue to count both wired and wireless devices (i.e. MSM controllers, managed APs, and autonomous APs) in its licensing scheme. Upgrades for software modules are supported through the HP PCM+ platform. To upgrade a HP Mobility Manager v3.10 to HP PCM+ Mobility Manager v4, consider purchasing an HP PCM+ Add 1 year Maintenance License. : - If upgrading MM v3 to v4, MM v3 licenses will be converted to PCM+ licenses. For details refer to PCM+ v4 Release Notes and documentation.

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