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Probiotic and Immune Health

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Dog Health Care & Supplements

Want your pet to experience the best daily immune protection, digestion and healthy stomach flora?

Introducing Reparapet Probiotic and Immune Health

Probiotics improve immune health and aid in a healthy digestive tract.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are healthy, active bacterial cultures, naturally found in humans and animals required for healthy digestion and immunity.

Reparapet Probiotics contain FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) a "Prebiotic" that helps the Probiotics work better.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are the nutrients that act as an energy source or "food" for the good bacteria that live in the intestinal tract. They help the beneficial bacteria thrive. Prebiotics are a specialized form of fibre that occurs naturally in foods such as chichory, asparagus, artichokes, garlic, wheat and honey. FOS is the most common prebiotic.

Why Supplementation is Vital?

As we age, we naturally lose the amount of of healthy cultures in our gut due to stress, poor diet and exposure to toxins in th enviroment. Side effects include poor digestion, low energy and comprised immunity with increased riskfor viruses or illness.

Just like Humans pets should supplement witha probiotic daily

"When you consider the daily exposure most pets have to other animals, contaminated foods, pesticide- sprayed grasses, unclean water and so forth, there is no question a daily probiotic is absolutely essential for increased protection,immediate and long term health"

Pets with recurring health issues are at increased risk:

Did you know pets who are taking antibiotics should receive an accelerated dosage of probiotics during the course of treatment?

Why trust Reparapet Probiotics?

Powerful and Proven Ingredients

  • To guarantee the best results , we developed our formula based on leading research using proven, powerful shelf stable probiotic strains with the added, incredible prebiotic.

  •  Compare this to most probiotics sold today containing millions of strains that typically die-off while sitting on the shelf.

 Safe Effective and Natural

  • Containing no fillers, additives or by-products, Reparapet Probiotic is a completely natural formulation.

  • Suitable for pets and breeeds of all ages

Directions:  See Bottle for instructions

Storage: To mantain longer freshness, store in the refrigerator

Note: Before introcing your pet to a new supplement, or treat, we advise you always consult your Veterinarian

About Reparapet

Healthy Logix Inc. is a Canadian, natural health company.

Healthy Logix's primary focus is to formulate and sell scienifically backed, cutting edge products that address the health issues of people and their pets.

The focus today, is in disease prevention.

It is better to actively address health issues such as joint pain, inflammation or immune health before the problems become life threatening,

or require extensive medical support.

Healthy Logix Inc. provides the best alternatives available to day, for those individuals seeking to maintain their health and the health of their pets.


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