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Spa At Home

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Goes great with


Skin Treatments

It’s like having your own luxury spa, conveniently at home.

Pack Contains:

  • 2 x 25g Bars

  • 1 x 30ml Comora By Night Cream Moisturizer

  • 1 x 30ml Comora By Day Cream Moisturizer

  • 1 x 30ml Ultimate Serum

  • 1 x 560g MoorJoy

The Comora Spa At Home provides you with everything you need to experience top quality spa treatments and daily skin health maintenance in the comfort of your own home. Daily use of the Comora Bar together with effective moisturization helps promote and maintain optimal skin health, and Moor Joy can be used to experience many different mask and bath treatments that would cost hundreds of dollars in luxury European Spas.

Comora Products does not use any ingredients sourced from animals nor are the products ever tested on animals.

With the COMORA SPA AT HOME you get the added boost of the ‘botox in a bar and jar’ effectiveness as well as high quality, luxury spa mask and bath treatments, thanks to the addition of MoorJoy. Still allowing you an economical way to follow the recommended use of the COMORA Bar at night time, then applying the oil based COMORA By Night cream. This allows the magic of the bar to work during the sleeping hours. In the morning, apply the water based COMORA By Day cream which will lock moisture in the skin. Using the Ultimate Serum in areas of need such as wrinkles, fine lines, dry spots and less than firm skin, the entire Skin Health System has the appearance on the skin of having been exposed to cosmetic surgery or cosmetic injectables. Comora brings the luxury spa home to you with Moor Joy. Enjoy having periodic mud baths for a full body experience, treating your face to a revitalizing mud treatment, soothing sore, tired feet in a mud foot soak or helping relieve aching muscles, painful joints and inflammation.

Simple to use…

Start with clean skin, free of any makeup, creams or dirt.

Wet the Comora Bar with warm water and work it into a thick lather in your hands.

Place the lather on your skin in a circular motion and let it dry for at least 3 minutes.

Then rinse the lather off the skin & apply the Ultimate Serum focusing on areas of concern - around the eyes and on wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin areas.

After you apply the Ultimate Serum, then apply a natural moisturizer - either an oil based or a water based moisturizer depending on your needs and time of day/night.

For the most effective results, use the COMORA Bar at night and then apply the oil based By Night cream moisturizer. This allows the magic of the Bar to work during the sleeping hours. The By Night cream is especially good for your skin in the winter time when the humidity tends to be lowest. For those people who are sensitive to the sun and get sun burn, this oil based cream rapidly moisturizes the skin and helps prevent further damage to the skin. In the morning, apply the water based By Day cream which will lock moisture in the skin.

For best results, the Ultimate Serum should be used 2 or 3 times a week and applied before the moisturizer. This serum is also an excellent way to mositurize the delicate skin around the eyes.

You can also use the Serum without using the bar. Simply apply Serum to clean skin 2 to 3 times a week. If using as a moisturizer around the eyes, then it is safe to use daily. After the application of the Serum, use a natural moisturizer all over the skin.

Moor Joy Uses:

Spa “at home” Bath: Run a warm bath – 40 to 43degrees - add 140g Moor Joy and disperse throughout the water. This is one quarter of the full jar. Soak for 20 minutes, rinse off in a shower and then relax, preferably overnight.

Foot Bath: In a bowl or basin of warm water – 40 to 43 degrees - add 20g (1 tablespoon) to the water and mix well. Soak your feet for at least 20 minutes. Rinse feet, pat dry and relax, preferably with feet elevated.

Topical Use or Mask: Make a paste of the Moor Joy with some warm water and apply a thick layer to the part of the body you want to treat. This could be your face and neck or an arthritic joint, sore muscle or inflammed area. Leave on for up to 20 minutes, more for joint pain, and rinse off with warm water. Pat skin dry and relax.


  1. It is recommended that after rinsing off the Moor that the skin is gently patted dry, and you rest and relax after a treatment.

  2. It is preferable not to use soap, creams or parfumes on treated areas of the body for a 24 hour period.

  3. Spray mist with water when you feel the mask tighten or dry on your skin. Water activates the Moor.

  4. To make the most of Moor Joy, consider rinsing of skin/body/face mask in a warm bath to reactivate the mud & get the added benefit of a full body soak.

  5. When the jar is used for the first time use a knife and cut the Moor Joy into 4 equal portions. Each portion is 140g  - the amount used for a Spa “at home” Bath.


Comora Beauty Bar Ingredients: Natural Active ingredients: Heilmoor clay (a natural herbal complex with therapeutic properties), hydration micro-algae extract (a special complex to rejuvenate and moisturize skin cells. It is a natural source of anti-oxidants and essential elements.) Other ingredients: Triticum vulgare (wheat) starch, liquorice extract, tea tree oil, olive fruit oil, green tea leaf extract, disodium lauryl sulphate, butylenes glycol, sodium cocosulphate, poly-glucuronic acid, titanium oxide, 1-octadeconal, paraffin.

Comora By Night Cream Moisturizer Ingredients: Glycine, fructose, niacinamide, Inositol, Sodium lactate, creatine, hydrolyzed vegetable protein , soy bean oil, pseudoalteromonas ferment, carraginine, CoQ10 in phospholipid liposomes, vitamin E, Root extracts of scutellarita baicaiensis, paeonia suffruiticosa and liquorice, xanthan gum, collagen peptides, urea, centella asiatica extract, chamomile, tourmaline powder, olive oil extract and lavender oil.

Comora By Day Cream Moisturizer Ingredients: Glycine, fructose, niacinamide, inositol, sodium lactate, creatine, apple and peach juices, wheat seed extract, hordeum vulgare seed extract, ginseng extract, coconut oil, biosaccharide gum, urea, root extracts of scutellarita baicaiensis, paeonia suffruiticosa and liquorice, vitamin E, centella asiatica extract, chamomile, sunflower seed oil, sunflower oil.

Comora Ultimate Serum Ingredients: Apple and peach juices, wheat seed extract, hordeum vulgare seed extract, ginseng extract, creatine, pseudoalteromonas ferment, soybean oil, carraginin, ubiquinone, root extracts of scutellaria babcaiensis, Paeonia suffruiticosa and liquorice, xanthan gum.

Comora Moor Joy Ingredients: Moor Joy (herbal mud) contains a unique combination and concentration of herbs, phytohormones and minerals that were accumulated over hundreds of years high on the Schwanberg mountain in Austria. Moor mud was certified by the University of  Graz and is used for the treatment of skin and inflammatory conditions.


About Comora

Welcome, Canadians to Comora! SHOP.CA is proud to bring you Comora, provider of revolutionary products that change the way you see skin health. Become part of the revolution and introduce to your skin products that are comprised of active ingredients that naturally penetrate the layers of skin with well-balanced pH levels to help detoxify and moisturize your skin. Select from health bars and moisturizers all made from anti-oxidants and vitamin e to return a soothing balance back to your skin. SHOP HAPPY, with free shipping and bring out the radiance that your skin was meant to have. 

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