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NRHD300 High Performance HDMI Signal Extender/Repeater Supports 1080p and 3D (up to 165?)

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Arrange your various HDMI devices up to 165 feet away from your HDTV without sacrificing an ounce of HD signal quality. The Nyrius HDMI Extender/Repeater will allow you to add cable length while the built-in equalizer will amplify the HDMI signal, eliminating digital degradation and ensuring crystal clear picture and sound. Passive couplers can lead to signal degradation over distances, but this active extension maintains the high-quality audio and video signal you would expect from HDMI. So whether you simply want more versatility for your home theater set up or own a business requiring media viewing across a large distance, the HDMI Extender/Repeater will ensure you have the best of both worlds ? greater distances AND maximum signal quality.

Extend HDMI Cables Up to 165 Feet
The Nyrius HDMI Extender/Repeater is engineered to extend the length of your HDMI cables, allowing greater versatility in utilizing your home theater components. Two female HDMI ports allow you to connect two male HDMI cables up to a distance of 165 feet.

Amplifies HDMI Signal to Ensure Quality Picture and Sound
Your HDMI signal will be amplified by the HDMI Extender/Repeater to ensure the highest quality audio and video. The NRHD300 supports 3D technology, HDMI video resolution 1080p (24Hz), DTS, Dolby, 7.1 Channel audio and rates up to 4.95 Gbps. The built-in equalizer allows you to transmit high definition audio and video streams across long distances without any digital degradation. It also ensures crystal clear HDTV picture by eliminating digital noise.

Wired Connection Results in Uncompressed Signal and Zero Latency
The wired connection of the Nyrius HDMI Extender/Repeater delivers an uncompressed signal and zero latency, resulting in quicker response times and more stability. An uncompressed signal is vital in order to experience full high definition 1080p (24Hz) video and audio on all your HD devices. Latency refers to the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive. This is wasted time that wired connections effectively eliminate.

Premium Components for Superior Performance
This Extender/Repeater is comprised of only the highest-quality components. Metal housing ensures durability while compression screws hold the HDMI cables tightly in place. The inclusion of gold-plated connectors, which are corrosion-free, guarantees precise connections, eliminates signal resistance and enhances picture quality.


  • Blu-ray: Enjoy Blu-ray movies anywhere in your home

  • HD Satellite/Cable set top box: If you have only one HD satellite/cable box and two HDTVs you can connect the HD broadcast to your other HDTV

  • Computer: Surf the net, shop online and play games on your HDTV without requiring your PC to be in the same room

  • Gaming: Play all your video games from your PC, PS3, or XBOX 360 on any HDTV throughout your house

  • HD Projector: Mount your projector on the ceiling of your living room and experience full HD on the Blu-ray player in your bedroom

List of Contents:

Nyrius NRHD300 high performance HDMI repeater (165 feet), AC adaptor, instruction manual, lifetime live customer support, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty

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