The TTC is Launching 2-Hour Transfers!

Take short return trips without having to pay a second fare!

TTC 2-Hour Transfers!

Starting August 26, 2018, Presto users will be able to hop onto a TTC vehicle, hop off to run an errand, and hop back on without having to pay for an extra $3 - as long as it's under two hours.

So, whether you use a bus, streetcar, or enter a subway station, you can simply tap your Presto card and your fare will be deducted and the two-hour clock will start. This two-hour transfer is only available with the Presto electronic fare card.

Riders paying with cash, tokens, or tickets will continue to receive transfers valid for travel in one direction only. This will allow riders to hop on and off the TTC system, making transit travel more flexible and affordable!

The TTC board approved the two-hour transfer policy in November last year. "Over the last three years, people across the city have repeatedly made it clear to me that making it easier to get around the city is one of the most important issues they expect me to tackle as mayor of Toronto,” said Mayor John Tory in January.

The agency will be looking at the costs associated with introducing this transfer system on all routes in August 2018.

According to the board's report at that time, the implementation of the new transfer policy will add an estimated five million customer trips per year! This change will cost the TTC an estimated amount of $11.1 million this year if the plan were to be implemented in August. After this year, the annual cost will be $20.9 million.

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