Swimply Launches in Toronto!

Simply swim with this pool rental service!

Swimply Toronto Launch

Summer is far behind us, but it’s never too early to start planning for your next summer escapades.

I’m asking you to think ahead because a really interesting rental service was just launched in Toronto!

If you’re used to using Airbnb for your overnight trips, you definitely want to check out Swimply!

With Airbnb, you could find beautiful, unique, and reasonably priced accommodations for all your travelling needs. Swimply follows a similar business model, except, instead of rooms and homes, you’ll find yourself a large selection of pools!

Have you’ve ever wanted to sprawl leisurely on top of the water and enjoy the hot sun and the company of your friends in a beautiful backyard pool? Dream no more, because Swimply is now in Toronto to make your pool fantasies reality.

“Owing a pool can be expensive, enjoying one doesn’t have to be,” says the company founder, Bunim Laskin. Not everyone has had the chance to throw a pool party, but with this service, you might have to start making an invitation list.

The service works similar to other rental services:

  • Browse through listings posted by hosts near your location (includes pictures, details, and reviews)
  • Pick a time slot and submit a request to the host
  • Once the host accepts your request, get a confirmation email with all the information you need

Hosts charge per hour and the prices range from $40 to $100+.

For those with pools sitting around unused during the summer, make some money by sharing it with others. Join the Swimply Host Community and put your pool to use.

As you’re packing away your summer clothes, remember to set aside a note about Swimply. Be ready to jump into a pool as soon as Spring ends!

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