Get Ready for Gmail to Look Different

What We Know So Far

Gmail Redesign

Gmail's web program is reportedly getting a "fresh, clean look", as reported by The Verge. The changes will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and will affect personal accounts as well. Though the changes are still in draft phase and pending, as per a Google spokesperson, we already know some of the features.

This includes Smart Reply, snoozing, and offline support. Smart Reply, which is already available on the mobile app version, lets users pick a short pre-drafted response to emails. The snooze features lets you temporarily remove emails from your inbox for a certain time (so you can ignore those pesky emails from your coworkers on the weekends till you're back in the office!).

The redesign also includes a new sidebar, with the helpful option of using the Google calendar side-by-side with your email. You can pick three existing views in Gmail - default, comfortable, or compact depending on how much information you want to see straight off the bat.

Stay tuned to Google for when these changes roll out, and let us know what you think!

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