Fido XTRA is the Newest Way to Save

Get a little extra for being a customer!

Introducing Fido XTRA

Attention, Fido customers! You know that big telecom company you dread hearing from? Well, this is one thing you're going to want to listen to - Fido just launched Fido XTRA!

Every Thursday, Fido XTRA gives you new deals and giveaways, available directly on your Fido app. This week, with the launch, includes deals on Via Rail, Frank & Oak, Kiehl's, Perkopolis and La Senza! From the Fido website, deals will be on food, apparel, gear, travel or entertainment! Some weeks will also feature giveaways and contests to win cool prizes.

The catch is that you have to be a Fido customer to avail these deals. You need Fido's My Account app, which you can download & register on, if you're subscribed to a Fido Mobile or Internet post-paid plan.

If you already have a Fido My Account app, simply check your app and tap the Fido XTRA banner (or check under "More") to see and redeem your perks. To redeem, simply click on the perk for more information. Some deals and perks are only going to be available for a limited time, and may only be valid for one-time use. Always make sure to check the deal before using!

To keep track of the latest Fido XTRA perks, subscribe to the mailing list or check your My Account app every Thursday!

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