City of Toronto Launches the TOwaste App!

Keep your home and the city clean with correct waste management

TOwaste App Launch

Have you ever stood in front recycling bins, trying to figure out how to sort your waste? Usually, you end up dumping it all in the trash because it’s better than disorganizing the bins.

No longer will you walk away in shame, for the City of Toronto has just launched the TOwaste app!

With the amount of people that commute in the city, the amount of outdoor, street waste is as proportionally large. Most people don’t know how to dispose waste items properly. So, with uncertainty in both homes and the streets, it’s difficult to keep the city clean and sustainable.

The TOwaste app aims to combat this issue by being both accessible and informative for residents, making it the ultimate waste management app for Torontonians!

The app comes with a lot of helpful features that will make your garbage sorting duties easier.

If you have questions about an item, the Waste Wizard will tell you know where and how to dispose it. The app gives you tips on over 2,500 waste items in Toronto.

With the Collection Schedule, not only can you access residential garbage collection days, you can also find out what is being collected so you can organize accordingly. Also, if you tend to forget to take out your trash, you can set yourself reminders on this app!

When garbage can’t be collected from your home, you can use the map to find the nearest drop-off depots where you can dispose hazardous items. Or, if you have fully operating waste items and close—to—new clothing, why not donate them? Locate the nearest donation centres through the app as well.

Find out exactly where your coffee cup or takeout container goes with this app and contribute to sustainable waste management!

Find the app on the App Store and Google Play for free!

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