Amazon Launches New Monthly Prime Subscription

Monthly vs. Yearly: What's Better for You?

New Prime Subscription

To me and my friends, who order everything from toilet paper to clay masks to batteries on Amazon, Amazon Prime was a revelation. $79 for a year's worth of free shipping was an easy price to pay considering I order from Amazon about weekly. When you add Two-Day and One-Day/Same-Day Shipping on top of that, along with Prime Video and Prime Music, and the other discounts you're getting, I think it's a pretty great deal.

But, I understand that $79 at once is a steep price. Amazon's newest Prime membership subscription offers a way around that. Instead of spending $79 at once, you can break Prime membership into monthly payments of $7.99. That's less than what you're paying for Netflix, I'm sure.

A monthly membership equates to $95.88 a year, which means you still save $16.88 with a yearly membership. But you lose the flexibility of cancelling your Prime membership at any time. With a monthly subscription, you can choose Prime for the months when you know you'll be shopping a lot - around Black Friday and Christmas, or Prime Day to name a few.

You can still try Prime for a month, for free, and if you're unsure, here's a full list of perks you enjoy with Amazon Prime:

  • Two-Day Shipping on millions of products.
  • Free Same Day or One-Day Delivery on orders over $25.
  • Release-Day Delivery for products on pre-order.
  • Access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and Twitch Prime for tons of original and free content.
  • Exclusive deals for Prime members.
  • Unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos.

So, ready to sign up? Join Prime's 30-Day Trial Here!



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