All-Day Breakfast Has Arrived @ Tim Hortons!!

New! Breakfast Anytime!

Breakfast Anytime. Any Tims!

No, your eyes weren't deceiving you this morning as your grabbed your morning coffee from Tim Horton's! You read that sign right! Now available all-day breakfast, any Tim's, anytime! It's like Christmas on July 25, 2018!


We know you had to take a step away to go grab a tasty hot breakfast sandwich before you could finish reading this, simply because you were far too excited and we can totally understand that! In fact, we encourage it! It's an exciting day at Tim Horton's!

Here are a few of our pro tips on how to capitalize on enjoying all day Tim Horton's breakfast:

  • Step 1) Check out the menu here!
  • Step 2) Realize it's the same breakfast menu that was previously only available to you until noon.
  • Step 3) Make a date with yourself to enjoy some crispy Hash Browns and a Bagel B.E.L.T for dinner.
    • Step 3a) because who doesn't love breakfast for dinner!?
  • Step 4) Be grateful to the almighty fast food industry for their competitive nature and embrace a Fresh Grilled Breakfast Wrap as your new 3pm pick me up!

Our Mother's have always told us, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day". Now you can show Mom what's up when you're chowing down on your favourite breakfast item from Tim Horton's at that random time of day she disapproves of you eating breakfast!

Now if you aren't convinced about going full breakfast in the afternoon, how about a compromise? Pick up the always classic Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich and pair it with a fresh hot Hash Brown and try to tell us that isn't the ideal combo!?

Oh, we know, you're forever a skeptic. So if you still don't believe us - read it an weep! Click here for the official press release!

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