Up to 50% Off Men & Women's Polos @ Lacoste!

Stock up your favourite polos from Lacoste!

50% Off Polo Sale!

Polos are an essential piece in everyone's wardrobe. Agree? It's perfect for summers. Looks smart, feels comfortable and super easy to dress up or dress down. So why not take advantage of Lacoste's sale of up to 50% off on polo shirts and stock up our closets!

Find polo shirts for both men and women and get free shipping on all orders over $100. You can also, use free returns if you end up not liking the item. We have put together a list of some of our favourites from this sale to help you get started on your shopping!

Women's Polos

Alright ladies, we know the classic look of a crisp polo and we love it! But it's always nice to add a more feminine touch and sport one of Lacoste's beautiful dress polos! Whether you need some more casual work outfits or just aren't sure what to wear to brunch with your besties, we think this polo sale will do just the trick! Here's what we recommend:

Up to 50% Off Men & Women's Polos @ Lacoste!Shop for the Women's 85th Anniversary Limited Edition Piqué Polo Dress for $171.50 (was $245) and the Women's Made in France Piqué Polo Dress for $135 (was $225).


Here's a fun fact about Lacoste:

Did you know two Lacoste products are sold every second!?

Let us do some quick math for you; there are 31,536,000 seconds in a year, so that means Lacoste sells 63,072,000 products a year! We love you too Lacoste!

Men's Polos

Hey there handsome! We know you love the undeniable classic look of a gentleman in a Lacoste polo as much as we do! So why not plan for that matching family photo today and get matching polos for the gentlemen in your life? Here's a couple of our faves:

Up to 50% Off Men & Women's Polos @ Lacoste!Shop for the Men's Regular Fit Caviar Piqué Polo for $72.50 (was $145) and the Men's Slim Fit Stretch Pima Piqué Polo for $72.50 (was $145).


Let us know your go to items what you shop at Lacoste!

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