​PS4 Games for $49.96 @ Walmart

Get this great value on these popular games!

PS4 Games @ Walmart

If you’re looking around desperately for entertainment or know someone who would enjoy a new addition to their PlayStation 4 collection, Walmart is where you need to head to!

You can find two popular games, God of War and Detroit: Become Human, both online and in-store for only $49.96 at Walmart! Both games retail for $79.99.

God of War was only released in April this year and it has already garnered universal acclaim, becoming one of the most played and popular games on PlayStation 4. Likewise, Detroit: Become Human was also only released earlier this year in May and has received many favourable reviews complimenting the characters, plot, and graphics.

These two games are must-haves in your game collection or if you’re looking for gifts, they are perfect for your favourite gamers.

This offer is valid until October 30. Walmart offers free shipping on orders above $50.

You can’t always find such great deals on games so take advantage of them when you can!

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