Travel Insurance Starting from $15 @ Kanetix Insurance

Travel safe and soundly with Kanetix Insurance!

Travel Insurance Starting from $15

Bitten by the travel bug? Save up to 68% on the travel insurance you need to ensure your trip, health, and financial security, wherever your travels take you next.

Now, you may be debating whether or not you actually need to get travel insurance, well let Kanetix Insurance tell you:

"Travel insurance is one item you don’t want to pass on when you’re about to embark on a vacation. By purchasing travel insurance before you head out on holiday, you’re protecting your health by ensuring you get the care you need in the event of an injury or illness; your bank account from the healthcare costs and related expenses of a medical emergency; and, your travel plans so you can get back on your feet sooner."

At, you can compare travel insurance quotes within minutes and save an average of 64%! So whether it’s a holiday within Canada, cross-border getaway or a trip overseas, compare travel insurance quotes and secure your coverage from Canada’s top travel insurance providers at

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