iPhone Cases Starting at $34.95 @ OtterBox!

Don't Be Afraid of Dropping Your Phone Ever Again!

20% Off iPhone Cases @ OtterBox

Unless you're one of those people who likes living life on the edge and doesn't have a phone case, this deal is probably going to interest you. We know that we're into it - OtterBox cases starting at $34.95? That's 20% off regularly priced cases!

Check out the great deals here!

Celebrate twenty years with OtterBox with 20% off on all iPhone cases. You can pick your phone model and choose from over four hundred different types of cases and accessories. You can customize your choices by colour too!

Even OtterBox's iconic Defender Series that is said to be able to protect phones through the fires of Mount Doom (don't quote us on that) is on sale!

The sale ends May 2, 2018 and everything iPhone is on sale. The OtterBox site ships to Canada for a low price of $4.95, but the prices on the site are in USD, so keep that in mind while you shop!

If you're looking for inspiration, here's some things we're eyeing for this sale!

Let us know which OtterBox you're going to be buying below!

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