​Free Pizza When You Trade Your Candy @ Pizza Pizza

Sometimes the hardest choice is the right one!

Free Pizza @ Pizza Pizza

Whether you have leftovers from the candy you handed out on Halloween or those trick-or-treating have extras, you can trade in your candy to get a free slice of pepperoni or cheese pizza at Pizza Pizza.

For some, this might be absurd. All that candy for one slice of pizza? Yup, it might seem crazy to the sweet-toothed.

It’s a hard decision to make, may be even harder than what you want to dress up as on Halloween. But what might make it easier is knowing that the candy you trade in will be donated to charity!

Not only can you avoid cavities, you can also sweeten up someone else’s day!

What qualifies for this trade-in at Pizza Pizza is a minimum of 3 pieces of unopened packaged candy. You’ll be given a coupon for your free pizza that you can trade in for a slice between November 1-November 18. There is a limit of one coupon per person with a limited quantity of coupons available. This offer is valid at participating locations.

Pizza or candy? It’s a touch choice, but make sure you make your decision before the offer ends!

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