$7.99 for Unlimited Medium 2-Topping Pizzas @ Domino's Pizza

Light, Spicy, & Sweet Delights, Domino's Pizza has got it all!

Medium Pizzas at Domino's

Are you a pizza lover or someone who usually rings for pizza delivery because you just don't feel like getting out of your house? Well we've got a great deal for you! Now you can get a medium-sized pizza with 2 toppings for just 7.99! You can also choose any medium feast pizza for $10.99 and upgrade to a large for an extra $4.00!

Check out this great deal here!

Celebrate Domino's Pizza's 35th Anniversary by participating in their Getaway Giveway to win a trip from Canada Stays or a gift card for free pizza and Coca-Cola for a year!

Domino's Pizza has a wide selection of topping, from which you can customize your pizza virtually and choose from a variety of sides to add to your order. Also sign up for rewards and earn 10 points for each order and get a FREE pizza at 60 points!

Domino's Pizza has numerous locations throughout Canada, so you can order from a store nearest to you! You can also, use their tracker to track your order once you order online. You can choose from the delivery or carryout option.

Let us know what you'll be getting from Domino's Pizza!

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