$4.29 Breakfast Deal & More Coupons @ McDonalds Canada!

Make a good morning even better!

McDonalds Canada Coupons

This holiday season, McDonalds is making sure you get what you wanted, by bringing back the $4.29 Breakfast Deal!

Check out the great deals here!

But there's so much more.

Not only can you download the My McD's app to access all the latest offers and new additions to the menu, you can also start Mobile Ordering! If you want to skip the line and grab those french fries when they're fresh, just order ahead and you'll have everything ready for you!

If you don't want to order ahead, but instead wait in your car, that's fine too. Curbside service with the My McD's app lets you check in and give the number of your parking stall to get the food delivered directly to your car! Or enjoy table service by checking in when you arrive and giving your table number.

Customize your order on the My McD's app so that you don't have to remember it again, and sign up to the My McD's newsletter to keep in the know about new menu offerings and promotions.

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely lovin' it.

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