​$25 Off the Casper Pillow!

Sleep better and easier with a Casper pillow!

​$25 Off the Casper Pillow!

Just as you would nick and pick at your mattress, the same level of attention is needed for your pillows. You can’t just settle for the fluffiest or prettiest if you want to sleep well.

That’s where Casper comes in to remind you how much pillows can do for you. And when you can get $25 off with the code STUFFING, what more incentive could you need to invest in a new sleeping partner?

The Casper pillow is specifically designed to be compatible with all kinds of sleepers and preferences. The pillow-in-pillow design gives you consistent support with the inner pillow and comfortable fluffiness with the outer pillow.

Casper also uses fibre instead of foam, so the liquid-like consistency will adjust to any movement. They also provide a soothing and cooling effect for those that love the cool side. And the fibres prevent clumping so your pillows last longer!

The Casper pillow provides neck support and improves spine alignment and is overall very easy to clean!

The pillow is well-designed to meet the needs to sleepers everywhere, so make sleeping easier for yourself and grab one before the offer ends on October 9, 2018! The discount applies to any Casper standard or king pillow.

Sleep tight!

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