​CNE EXmas Online Gift Cards

You can now get CNE passes online!

​CNE EXmas Online Gift Cards

The summer memories of fun in the sun may be far behind us right now, but you can get a small sneak peek of the future with this deal!

The Canadian National Exhibition is the highlight of summer in Toronto, with games, rides, and exhibitions that’ll keep you running around (and opening your wallet) all day long. Although it may be some time away, you can start getting passes this Christmas!

The EXmas Online Gift Cards offer:

Not only are you saving up to $28, the Ride All Day Pass also includes grounds admission, which is not available when bought at the gate. For those that love the carnival-feel and browsing unique products, this deal is a steal!

This offer is available online until December 30, 2018 with a progressing fee of $1.80 charged at checkout.

Plan your fun now and save more!

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