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Meal-prepping made easy!

Meal Plans from Chef's Plate

This winter, Chef's Plate is making sure you have the delicious meal of your preference every night with their customized meal plans and 15-minute meals! After all, their slogan is 'Cooking Made Easy for Less' - which is exactly what they do!

Chefs Plate is the #1 meal kit delivery company in Canada. Since their launch in 2014, they have been on a mission to create meaningful human connections through food. Their passion for food drives their belief that cooking delicious, chef inspired meals should be easy and convenient to enjoy and share! Don't we all agree?!

The company currently offers four different types of plans:

Classic Meal Plan

Variety of meat, seafood and vegetarian recipes.Get 2 servings with 2 recipes for $45.96 - that's $9.99 per serving!

30 minute and 15 Minute recipes included.

Family Meal Plan

Healthy, easy, and kid-friendly recipes help you spend more family time.Try out Chef's Plate family meal plan from $71 per month - that's $8.99 per serving!

15 Minute Meals included.

15-Minute Meal Plan

Need a quick dinner? Order the 15-minute meals with fresh-cut produce, pre-made sauces and seasoned ingredients from only $57.80.

Vegetarian Meal Plan

Enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal packed with fresh produce, whole grains, and plant-based protein from Chef's Plate and pay only $45.96 for 2 servings and 2 recipes.

Fun Facts:

  • All plans are flexible with zero commitment
  • Skip or cancel at any time (not that you'd want to!)
  • Free delivery with all plans

Check out all the great plans here & sign up for a meal-plan today!



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