Bonus $10 Gift Card with promo code "WAG19" !

All you need to do is download an app!

Get a Bonus $10 Gift Card!

Get yourself a bonus $10 gift card! All you need to do is download the UGO Wallet app and register using promo code "WAG19". Amazon gives you plenty of products to choose from, so the $10 gift card would be great for all you avid online shoppers!

Not sure what the UGO wallet app is?

The UGO wallet app is a free app for you to store all your loyalty, membership and gift cards all on your phone! Not to mention you can also organize and store your receipts on the app for when you need them. It's an excellent way for you to free up some space in your wallet! No longer will you need to cram everything in there but have the convenience of having everything on your phone! The app is currently available in the App store as well as the Google Play Store.

Please note that the offer is only on until May 31,2019 or until supplies last and is for new account users only. For all restrictions, please visit the UGO Wallet app site for more info.



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