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The Smart Trike 6 in 1, All in One - RED only - It is a Rocker, Push Along, Ride On and a Scooter


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  The Smart Trike All in One 6 in 1 – What a Smart Trike This Is!!

This amazing Smart Trike All in One is most definitely one of a kind, it’s specially designed to be very multi-functional and meet the needs of your growing child from a very early age. Yet another award winning product from Smart Trike, it has to be said that they have done it again.

Highly suitable for babies from 6 months up to 48 months, the Smart Trike All in One consists of 6 unique stages. Firstly the product starts as a rocking cradle, and then proceeds to be a push along, and a push along ride on.

Before advancing to an independent ride on and finally transforming into a scooter. Which makes it absolutely ideal for use either in the home as well as outdoors, with this many options, the Smart Trike All in One will certainly adapt to the ever-changing needs of your little one.

Built for safety, and including a removable safety arch and retractable wheels for extra stability. It also comes with a rocking base with quiet, anti-skid rubber tyres and stabilisers, so your little one will always feel totally relaxed.

Colours will include the Smart Trike All One rocker blue, and the all in one Smart Trike pink, whether its girls colours or boys colours you choose they will all have an adjustable reclining supportive backrest.

A padded washable soft seat for extra comfort, whilst including, a 3-point belt system with chest pads. Removable parent handle for control, and a built-in foot brake system. Also an activity tray for parent and Childs convenience, complete with a storage bag.

It’s all about The Smart Trike All in One Stages

Stages 1 and 2 are ideal for when your baby can sit quite steadily thus creating the perfect rocker, the base includes foldable floating wheels, which helps with indoor steering.   Smart Trike All in One stage 2 the rocker base needs to remain with the base wheels, when to be used as a push along rocker.

To create stage 3, the rocking base can be removed and this is when it turns into a ride on, you can use the parental handle to push your baby around. By using the special reclining seat this will allow your baby to take a nap?

To create stage 4 just remove the seat cover when your little one can sit independently for a push along ride on.

Smart Trike all one stage 5 scooter, this is perfect once your child is completely confident with moving around, the parental handle, safety arch and special seat can all be removed. The all in one is now ready to function as an independent ride on.

Stage 6 can be completed when your child is walking, remove the ride on seat to turn the product into a stylish scooter with anti-skid wheels, then just sit back and watch them Rock, Ride & Scoot!

The Smart Trike All in One is the perfect little vehicle to take your child anywhere you feel like, from a short trip to the park or local shops, to just having fun in the garden.

The folding push handle makes sure the parent is in complete control while your child enjoys building confidence and the thrill of sitting in this stylish tricycle.

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smarTrike® is the world’s best selling and most awarded baby tricycle brand. Winners  of nearly every award in the ride-on industry, smarTrike®  designs smart innovative solutions to all cycling stages: Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

smarTrike® introduced the first ever baby tricycle that had a steerable parent handle enabling parents to steer and control the trike . By doing this, smarTrike® created a whole new category of tricycles for babies and smarTrike®’s product became an instant best-sellers.

Sold in 70 countries worldwide smarTrike® is the world’s leading baby tricycle brand with millions of trikes sold every year. In fact, every 20 seconds, a smarTrike® is sold somewhere in the world.


About the Product
  • Multifunctional Product Grows with Your Child- From 6 Months+ up to 4 Years!/ Weight Capacity: 40 lbs
  • Rocker: (Fitted for 6 Month+) Rocking Base with 4 Fold-Out Wheels- Indoor Use for Rocking Baby to Sleep and Wheeling About the House/ Reclining Seat with Supportive Back Rest- Extra Comfort Lets Child Nap/ Padded Soft Seat Cover with 3 Point Harness- Safety and Extra Comfort
  • Push Along Ride On: (Fitted for 10 month+) Remove Rocker Base and Product Transforms- Easy to Remove/ Parent Control Handle- for Easy Steering/ Quality, Washable Bag for Storage- Attaches to Handle/ Built-in Foot Rest/ Stabilizers- Safety Feature
  • Independent Ride-On: Remove Safety Bar, Seat, and Back Rest (Fitted for 14 Month+) / Anti-Skid Rubber Wheels/ Steerable Handle Bar
  • Scooter: Seat Slides Upwards to Transform the Ride-On into a Stylish, Stable, 4-Wheeled Scooter (Fitted for 24 Month+)


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Returns: FREE returns, up to 365 days after purchase

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