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Groovy Shapes Volume 1, Hal Lenoard Item 00631281, By Sibelius, Groovy Music Series, Software for Teaching Music to Children, CD-ROM.

Sibelius Groovy Music is a series of three programs which make teaching music to primary children easy and fun. Supporting teachers with plenty of clear and well-written materials, they are designed to satisfy UK standards for music & ICT. Each of the three Groovy Music programs is designed to be used by a different age group, with more complex musical ideas being explored as children progress through the series. Each program has its own 'theme', with exciting and engaging graphics to appeal to the age group for which its designed. And best of all, the programs are incredibly easy to use, so you wont waste time on setting them up and learning how they work.

Groovy Shapes, the first of the three programs, teaches children about basic music concepts. Shapes are used to represent elements of music such as rhythms, melodies and chords. As your chosen character walks across the screen, the shapes play their sounds. A library of preset sounds is included, which children can simply drag onto the screen to build up their musical creation. Then they can play back their piece, edit it, or even see the elements displayed as music notation.

 Teaches basic musical concepts in a fun and easy way
 Children create music using shapes to represent sounds
 Supported by easy-to-follow lesson plans

System requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP or Mac OS X 10.2 or later; 800 MHz processor; 128 MB+ RAM; 100 MB free hard disk space; 16-bit sound card. CD-ROM drive required for installation.

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