The Latest Travel Coupons & Deals for November 2018

If you’re jet-setting off into the wild blue yonder, you can save money even before you leave your home. Get discounts and deals from top hotels all over the world, or save on the cost of your flights, with the latest travel coupons and promotions below.


Save up to 30% on last minute deals @ G Adventures

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Hotwire: up to 60% off hotel deals

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Save Even More on Your Next Trip

Travel costs add up quickly – there is the flight, accommodation, activities and more to plan. Here at, we want to help you find the best deals and coupon codes for hotels, flights, and even activities to help make your experience in another city better. If you want to save more money on travel, check out these other ways to save when you're planning your next trip.

Europe in November? Great Deals During the Off-Season

Traveling to Europe is one of the most desired trips that people want to experience. The culture, people, and stories are what attracts travellers to go. If you planned on going during the summer months, you can expect larger crowds, longer waits time and likely higher prices on accommodation, cuisine and more. An excellent alternative to traveling to Europe is during the off-season months from November to March.

Hostel vs. Hotels: Accommodation Alternatives

Sometimes when you're traveling on a tight budget, you'll want to save every dollar you can on everything you plan. A great way to save for your next trip is to check out hostels over hotels. Hostels are a cheaper alternative to staying in another city. It's fun and exciting because you meet new people and have more stories to bring back home.

Save on Last Minute Deals

Traveling at the last minute is exciting but can be stressful when you're looking for good deals on flights, hotels and more. The next time you're on the hunt for a good sale, why not book with G Adventures. They have fantastic package deals on flights, accommodation, and adventures you'll experience on your trip.

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