The Best Food & Drink Coupons in Canada for January 2019

Are you hungry for some yummy eats, either by visiting a local restaurant or ordering take-out to your home? Well, if you are ready to eat, make sure you check out all these coupons for restaurants and food services. You’ll save on your dining costs!

Dine Out and Save Even More!

Do you love having meals prepared for you? I know we do, but the cost of going out all the time adds up quickly. Getting the best deals for the family at a restaurant or home is something can help you find! We've come up with a few tips for saving on those evenings out or staying in. 

Lunch Date Anyone?

The best time to go out for a quick bite to eat is during the lunch hour. The lunch specials are often cheaper than the dinner meals, so the next time you have a craving for an evening out, see if anyone in the office would like to go out for lunch. You'll save yourself money, and you'll get to enjoy a nice meal.

Are you a Student? Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Take advantage of being a student and use your student card to save on your next meal. You can find student deals at Dominos and all you have to do is prove that you're a student!

Stick to Water & Say No to Appetizers

The cost of buying coffee, tea, and other beverages can add up when you're out eating. So, the next time you're out for dinner, stick to water and save on your meal. Since you've saved money from buying coffee, you don't need to tease your body with a little bit of food. You'll save more when you skip the appetizer, and you'll waste less when the big meal comes along.

Try Out a New Recipe at Home

While eating out is always a fun time, you don't always have to leave your home to enjoy a great meal. Try staying in and a new recipe when you're itching to go out for supper. Hello Fresh is a great way to try out recipes for a low cost - try out your first three meals for free!

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