Metrin Men's Protective Lotion - 2004

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The Protective Lotion is the fourth step of the METRIN Scientific Skincare program for men. After the cleansing and moisturizing process of steps one, two, and three, your skin is ready to be protected from dehydration, atmospheric impurities, and bacterial growth. The Protective Lotion is designed to firm and tone your skin, acting as a humectant to draw moisture into your pores throughout the day. It will keep your skin plump and youthful while protecting it from environmental damage.

Each step of the METRIN Scientific Skincare program is designed to work in harmony with the other steps and your skin's natural processes, to bring your skin into the perfect balance. Full size bottle is 180 ml. Also available in travel size.

Proudly made in Canada, loved by customers all over the world.

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Item Specialty1: not-tested-on-animals
Item Specialty2: fragrance-free
Item Specialty3: healthy aging
Item Specialty4: organic
Item Specialty5: hypoallergenic
Ingredients1: Certified Organic Aloe Vera
Ingredients2: Alcohol-Free

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