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Reparapet Dental 117 gram

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Reparapet Dog Health Care & Supplements at SHOP.CA

Dog Health Care & Supplements

Your pet's ultimate toothbrush- now in a tasty snack!!

 Your pet will never experience nasty plaque build-up again!

A healthy and natural way to clean your pet's teeth and gums, prevent dental problems, bad breath and bacteria.

Contains 100% Canadian Freeze Dried Turkey Necks, dogs love their real food taste and crunchy texture!

Additional benefits include:

  • Gently cleans, scarapes and removes tartar build-up

  • Completely natural, with no fillers or synthetics

  • Provides good source of Calcium and Magnesium

  • Promotes notieceably whiter teeth and fresh breath

  • Gives fast noticeable results in as little as 3-5 days

  • Provides oral health support


Depending on the weight or size of your pet,give one half(1/2) or full sized Reparpet Dental Treat up to 2 times per week.

Storage: To maintain longer freshness, store opened bag in your freezer. Use original packaging as provided, and make sure to seal it.

Note: Before introducing your pet to a new supplement or treat, we advise you always consult with your Veterinarian.


Gives fast, noticeable results in as little as 3-5 days!

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  • SKU: Rep-Dental 117GR
  • Supplied By: Reparapet

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Reparapet Dental 117 gram

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