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 The Ulitimate Omega 3 Fish Oil for your pet's health and vitality.

Reparapet Omega 3 Health is specially formulated from the purest, wild fish oil. It contains a proprietary natural blend of charbroiled beef flavor your pets will love!

We know Omega 3 fatty acids are important throughout the lifes of dogs and cats. DHA (from Fish oil) has been shown to be key in neural developement.Recent research shows that essential DHA  as found in Reparapet's Omega 3 Health has trianing and learning enhancing properties for your pets. Research has also shown that puppies nourished with enhanced (high) levels of DHA were smarter, more trainable than typical low DHA nourished puppies.

By giving your your pets a high quality fish oil like Reparapet Omega 3 Health you are helping them to live a longer, happier life- naturally!

Reparapet Omega 3 Health can help to:

  • Prevent  allergies and common skin conditions

  • Supports your pet's joint matrices and lubricates tissue and joints

  • Prevents high Triglycerides- especially when feeding your dog dry dog food which is known to have higher omega 6's

  • Help's keep them mentally sharp and prevent age related decline

  • Can help to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells-recent studies have shown that pets fed high doses of fish oil have better control of cancers and other autoimmune diseases

Want your pet to live a long and happy life?

It starts with a healthy dose of EPA and DHA- everyday

Reparapet Omega 3 Health is formulated to ensure product quality and consistency. This product has been fully tested to meet or exceed all goverment standards of safety and purity. It is tested for Heavy metals (lead, Mercury and Arsenic) and other enviromental contaminants (PCB's Dioxin)

What makes Reparapet Omega 3 Health uniquely effective?

  • Contains a balanced ratio of EHA and DHA in a natural charbrolied beef flavour- pets will love the taste and no fishy smell!

  • Packaged in brown amber glass fpor product integrity, purity and sustainability

  • Just One Teaspoon per day(depending on body weight) gives your pet all the healty fatty acids they need.

What you will find in Reparapet Omega 3 Health

Purified fish oil, a natural, proprietary blend of charbroiled beef flavor

What you will NOT find in Reparapet Omega 3 Health

Gelatin from animal source


Soybean oil

Artificial flavor or color

Added sweeteners

Directions: See Bottle for Instructions

Storage: Store opened bottle in refrigerator

Note: Before introducing your pet to a new supplement or treat,we advise you to always consult your Veterinarian


About Reparapet

Healthy Logix Inc. is a Canadian, natural health company.

Healthy Logix's primary focus is to formulate and sell scienifically backed, cutting edge products that address the health issues of people and their pets.

The focus today, is in disease prevention.

It is better to actively address health issues such as joint pain, inflammation or immune health before the problems become life threatening,

or require extensive medical support.

Healthy Logix Inc. provides the best alternatives available to day, for those individuals seeking to maintain their health and the health of their pets.


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