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Electrohome EAKAR535 Portable Karaoke CD+G/MP3G Player Speaker System with 3.5" Screen, 2 Microphone Connections, and Smartphon

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Electrohome brings you a stylish and portable Karaoke System you can enjoy even without a TV as it already has a built in 3.5” screen. Sing along while reading on-screen lyrics all in one karaoke machine. This system is compatible with CD/CD+G/CDR/CDRW, has audio input for MP3, smartphone, tablets and has a USB port to play MP3 and MP3G karaoke music. Combined with high performance speakers and a 3.5” LCD screen anyone can sing like a professional!



Sing Along and Read Lyrics from the 3.5” LCD
Enjoy the freedom of an all-in-one karaoke system. Read your karaoke lyrics from the bright, 3.5” LCD while you sing along. You have everything you need for a great karaoke party in one stylish package.

Sleek, Portable Design You Will Want to Show Off
Your karaoke machine has never looked so good. Sleek lines, modern detailing and compact design all make this karaoke machine by far THE COOLEST your friends and family have ever seen. A durable handle makes taking this machine to the party easy, versatile functionality and superior good looks will make you want to leave it out after the show.

Adjustable Digital Key Control - In Case You Need to Take It Up or Down a Notch
Control the key the prerecorded music plays in to match the pitch of your singing. Digital Key Control allows you to match the music to the range you are most comfortable singing in so that you don’t have to strain to sing the song in the key it was recorded in. Instead you can customize the tune so you always sound great!

Auto Voice Control (AVC) Singing Coach Can Help You Learn That Tune
So this is totally your favorite song, when you’re in the car you sound just like your favorite artist, in the shower you think you might even sound better than the original. But then, when you are in front of even a small crowd you find that, in fact, you really don’t know the next line! Has this ever happened to you? Never find yourself there again with Auto Voice Control (AVC) Signing Coach. With AVC the machine can sense that your singing has tapered off and the prerecorded vocal back up will fill in the blanks! This will prompt you to remember the next line just like the song in the car did. Now you look and sound like a professional with the help of AVC Singing Coach!

Digital Echo Control – The Karaoke Singer’s Secret Weapon
Just how does that other singer get that rich, full tone in the performance? The secret is the Digital Echo Control feature which lends a vibration through the mic making your singing sound rich, confident and more professional. By simply adjusting the Echo Control setting on the system you too can achieve the same vocal quality you have always admired.

CD+G Multiplex Disc with Music from Various Artists
Sing along with music in the style of your favorite top 40 artists like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber right away! This system includes a CD+G multiplex disc so even if this is your first karaoke machine, you will already have a catalogue of popular songs for your family and friends to chose from. A multiplex disc contains two versions of your karaoke songs – one version with recorded lead vocals to help you learn the words and one version without so you can sing by yourself.

Two Microphone Inputs for Duets Make the Party Even Better
Everyone knows that once the karaoke party warms up there is no stopping the need for more microphones! A second microphone input is favorite feature of a great karaoke machine. Singing in groups of two or more adds to the entertainment value with an extra microphone (sold separately) on your Electrohome Karaoke CD+G/MP3 Player Speaker System.

CD/CD+G/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 Player for Hours of Karaoke Entertainment
Play any CDs or MP3s from your MP3 player on this sleek and portable karaoke system. With a 3.5” LCD to display your lyrics and high performance built in stereo speakers this system is all you really need to throw a great karaoke party.

List of Contents:
Karaoke player speaker system, dynamic microphone, CD+G multiplex karaoke disc with music from various artists, RCA audio/video composite connection guides, 100-240V AC/DC power adapter, instruction manual, lifetime live customer support, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.

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SHOP.CA welcomes ELECTROHOME! The ELECTROHOME brand has over 100 years of experience bringing stylish and practical products into consumer’s homes. From manufacturing the first color telecision in Canada to supplying monitors to NASA, ELECTROHOME’s story is certaintly a unique one. Let the history show you how ELECTROHOME has conquered the test of time.

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Electrohome EAKAR535 Portable Karaoke CD+G/MP3G Player Speaker System with 3.5" Screen, 2 Microphone Connections, and Smartphon Customer Reviews

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