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30ml Comora By Night moisturizer

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All-natural, oil-based Comora By Night is an effective cream moisturizer, perfect for deeper hydration at night during sleep as well as being great for skin in colder climates and in heated indoor environments where the air tends to be very dry.

This cream moisturizer is most effective when used at night and especially in the winter time when the humidity tends to be lowest. For those people who are sensitive to the sun and get sun burn, this cream rapidly moisturizes the skin and helps prevent further damage to the skin.

Oil based COMORA By Night cream moisturizer: This product enhances the effectiveness of the COMORA Bar and maintains the maximum retention of moisturizing effects. Tourmaline helps aid absorption of nutrients, pseudoalteromonas ferment increases collagen and elastin formation, liposome nano-Q10 coenzyme Z10 exhibits potent anti-oxidant activity, centella asiatica fights the ageing process and promotes skin health, chamomile extract is soothing and is imbued with anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients, together with other natural ingredients, complement the action of the Comora Bar. The skin nourishing oil based By Night cream provides deep, rich moisture and is especially good to replenish skin after sun burn.

Ingredients: Glycine, fructose, niacinamide, Inositol, Sodium lactate, creatine, hydrolyzed vegetable protein , soy bean oil, pseudoalteromonas ferment, carraginine, CoQ10 in phospholipid liposomes, vitamin E, Root extracts of scutellarita baicaiensis, paeonia suffruiticosa and liquorice, xanthan gum, collagen peptides, urea, centella asiatica extract, chamomile, tourmaline powder, olive oil extract and lavender oil.

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