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Optoma Technology Optoma BG-ZD101 stereoscopic 3D glasses

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3D Glasses

Transform Your PC Experience into a Stunning Stereoscopic

3D Experience with Optoma ZD101 DLP Link 3D Glasse

Product Dimensions:7.2" x 1.8" x 6.7"

Lightweight design and interchangeable nose pieces for customized comfortable fit

Batteries provide up to 70 hours of use

LED indicator flashes when batteries need to be changed

Long effective distance glasses can be used up to 40 feet from screen

Additional Requirements for 3D Viewing

DLP-Link projector

Computer with graphic capability to display 3D content at 120Hz

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  • Product ID: 22043384
  • SKU: BG-ZD101
  • Supplied By: Optoma

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