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Alpine PDX-5M 5 Channel Marine Amplifier (PDX-5M)

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"Alpine PDX-5M 5 Channel Marine Amplifier (PDX-5M) From the best-selling high-end amplifier line in the U.S., Alpine's PDX now comes in 5-channel for Marine applications. The Alpine PDX-5M is your answer to building a great system for any boat application using only one amp. Alpine introduces a new 5-channel, system-building amplifier, specially engineered for the Marine environment. The PDX-5M still embodies the same compact chassis size as the rest of the PDX lineup, with 90% efficiency at all power levels for precise, powerful sound. Good things really do come in small, stackable packages. Who knew something so small could pump out so much power? The Alpine PDX series amplifiers are for the true enthusiast ?? those who want the best power, sound quality, and efficiency, all from a compact size. Get the most out of your system with Digital PDX. Built for the Elements Your normal car audio components can't take the abuse of the Marine environment for long. The elements like water, salt/fog, and the blazing sun can cause your system to quickly breakdown in a short periodof time. Because of this, Alpine has engineered the PDX-5M to withstand the harsh Marine environment. The PDX-5M has undergone rigorous ATSM-B117 testing for salt/fog to help prevent corrosion. The outside case passes the ASTM-G154/D4329 accelerated weather test for superior UV protection to prevent sun damage. All this attention to detail will provide the best sound experience and reliable performance on the water for your boat season after season. System Building Made Easy Want to build a basic system for your boat to start out? Do you havelimited space but still want dynamic sound? Then the best amp to startwith is the PDX-5M. With this one amp, you can connect four speakers and a subwoofer for outstanding sound quality. The amp provides 75 watts RMS to four channels and an incredible 300 watts RMS to a subwoofer. You get everything you need to power a complete system with the PD"

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