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Alpine CDA-118M Waterproof 1.8 DIN Marine CD Receiver (CDA-118M)

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"Alpine CDA-118M Waterproof 1.8 DIN Marine CD Receiver (CDA-118M) ; The Alpine CDA-118M , Max Power Output: 50W x 4 , Fully H 2 O-Proof Award-Winning This product has been awarded a 2010 CES Innovations Designs and Engineering Award, a prestigious honor that recognizes the most innovative consumer electronics products. This annual competition is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Products are judged on evaluation criteria that include engineering qualities, aesthetic and design qualities, function, and user value. Award Category: In-Vehicle Audio Designed for Marine Use The Alpine CDA-118M is designed for full operation in your boat. The CDA-118M comes in a 1.8 DIN faceplate size, for an easy upgrade for standard marine head units. This unit features a large 2-line LCD screen, viewable in direct sunlight. Skip-resistant CD mechanism ensures continuous playback while you?re on the waves. The CDA-118M is fully IPx5 waterproof and salt fog/UV certified. EEPROM no-loss memory, ensures even when the boat is not in use and the battery is disconnected, all your radio presets, zone controls, sound adjustments will stay intact. IPx5 and ASTM-B117 Tested The CDA-118M undergoes strict marine testing, including intrusion protection and salt fog tests to ensure performance on water conditions. Testing includes being subjected to a jetting water stream at 3.3 gallons per minute, and the unit must stay water-tight for 3 minutes at a distance of 10 feet. For salt/fog testing, the unit is placed in a chamber to withstand water with %5 sodium chloride (salt), sprayed at a rate of 12ml/hour for 24 hours. The CDA-118M is IPx5 rated and ASTM-B117 certified. Easy-to-use Interface A large double-action encoder in conjunction with the easy-to-read 2-line display, makes your search functions in all your source modes a breeze. Direct source buttons make it convenient to switch from iPod to Satellite radio, to CD to FM/AM tuner. Multi-Zone Volum"

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