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Electrohome EAAC500US AM/FM Projection Clock Radio with WakeUp! Battery Backup Alarm, Jumbo 1.2 inch LED Display, SelfSet Auto

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Never miss that important meeting due to loss of power to your alarm clock again with WakeUp™ Technology. Not only does this clock know what time it is the second you plug it in but unlike most clocks the alarm will sound at the time you need it to even when there is no power. That's reliability and technology you can count on.  

Exclusive WakeUp™ Technology
Using the ongoing back up of a lithium battery, this alarm will sound even when power has failed. You can rest assured knowing this alarm clock will never let you down!

SelfSet™ Convenience
This alarm clock is so brilliant that all you have to do is set your time zone the first time you plug it in and it will always know what time it is after power failures, daylight savings time even if you simply want to move it to another outlet. That's convenience you can count on.

180° Swivel Projection
See the time without even lifting your head! Project the time to be displayed on your ceiling or wall and adjust the focus and angle to suit your sleep position needs. Now there's a great way to wake up.

Dual Alarm Clock with Weekend Cancellation
Set two separate wake times with the dual alarm feature. You can even choose to automatically disable the alarms on weekends, allowing you to set your alarm schedule once and forget about it!

Connect Your iPod or MP3 Player
This system includes an auxiliary input (3.5mm jack) for connecting audio sources such as iPods and MP3 players (cable not included). Now you can listen to music from your portable device directly through your alarm clock's speakers.

AM/FM Radio with Easy to Use Tuner Dial
The Projection Clock Radio comes with a built-in AM/FM tuner so you can wake up leisurely to your favorite radio station. Access the tuner dial and volume on the front of the clock, you hardly have to move to change the station or adjust the volume.

Wake to Radio/Buzzer/Time Projection
Wake up to your favorite radio station, or to the built-in buzzer. You can choose to have the time projection only display when the alarm activates, or display it all the time. This unit also has snooze and sleep functions.

Bright White Jumbo LEDs
View the time clearly on the 1.2" bright white jumbo LEDs - no squinting to read the time, even without your glasses.

Calendar Display
Did you suddenly wake up and not know what day it is today' Simply press the buttons on the front of the clock and display the year, month and day.

List of Contents:
AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio, built in Lithium Ion battery, instruction manual, lifetime live customer support, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.

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Electrohome EAAC500US AM/FM Projection Clock Radio with WakeUp! Battery Backup Alarm, Jumbo 1.2 inch LED Display, SelfSet Auto Customer Reviews

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