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Magnasonic MAG-MM171K AM/FM Projection Alarm Clock Radio with Battery Backup & Dual Time Display

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No more struggling to see the time when you wake up. With Magnasonic's Projection Clock Radio, you can see what time it is as soon as you open your eyes. The projector on this alarm clock allows you to display the time on your ceiling or wall, so the time will always be in full view when you need it. The swiveling projector can be tilted a full 180 degrees, enabling you to project the time virtually anywhere. The adjustable focus knob allows the time to be projected clearly for easy viewing, and projection can be turned on and off as desired. When the projection is turned off, you can easily view the time on the unit's 0.6' green LED display. The Projection Clock Radio comes with a built-in AM/FM tuner so you can wake up leisurely to your favorite radio station. Or if you're more of a heavy sleeper, you can choose the available buzzer alarm function. The battery backup feature ensures the alarm will always activate, even in the event of a power outage. Simply place a 9-volt battery in the unit and it will automatically switch to battery operation when power is lost. This clock radio as some useful alarm features such as the auto shut-off ' after the alarm is sounded for 2 hours, it will automatically deactivate. The snooze function will turn the alarm off for 9 minutes at a time, allowing you to squeeze in some extra sleep. The programmable sleep timer function will play the radio while you're falling asleep, but will automatically shut off after a specified period of time from 1-59 minutes. 


  • Projects the time on your wall or ceiling

  • Adjustable 180-degree angle swivel projection with focus adjustment for easy viewing

  • Wake to AM/FM radio or buzzer alarm

  • Dual time display - green 0.6" LED display on the unit and red display from the projector

  • Battery backup for power failure (9V battery, not included)

  • Projection on/off button

  • Auto alarm shut-off after 2 hours

  • Snooze function with 9 minute interval

  • Programmable sleep timer function with auto shut-off between 1-59 minutes

  • Volume control

  • Packaging is made from recycled materials.

List of Contents:

AM/FM Projection Clock Radio, instruction manual, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.

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