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Pyle Retro Home Country Pay Phone Wall Phone - 068888737302

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When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he would've never imaged how far his creation would have come. The Pyle PRT45 is a telephone designed with the styling of the early 20th century with the future in mind. The beautifully handcrafted wooden body and bronze-plated accents lend this piece a truly authentic feel and can make this phone the center piece to any room in your home or office. This phone may look like an antique rotary but it's been updated to work with both your touch-tone landline and the latest mobile smartphones on the market today!


Product Features

Last Number Redial Function
This feature may be used to speed dial the last number dialed. Simply pick up the handset and listen for the dial tone and then press the 'redial' button, the last number dialed will dial out automatically.

Flash Function
If you get busy tone after entering the number, press the 'flash' button first, after hearing the dial otne, institute a dial tone for another call. Press the 'flash' button again to terminate the call.

Pause Function
In some cases, such as PABX or long distance services, a pause should be inserted when dialing. The 'pause' button should be pressed at a 4 second interval with no dial output.

Hang it Up
Mounting brackets built-in to the back of the telephone body allow you to mount this piece almost anywhere.


Product Specification

  • Ring High/Low Switch
  • Last Number Redial Function"
  • Recipe-Style Compartment
  • Functional Crank Handle And Box, As Introduced In The 1920s
  • Handcrafted Wood And Veneer Construction With Brushed Bronze-Plated Hardware
  • Country Wall Phone With Classic Design: Authentic Reproduction Of Early American Heritage Telephone

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