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Canon Flashes & Flash Accessories at SHOP.CA

Flashes & Flash Accessories

Compact, Durable Flash

Guide No.-141 ft./43m at ISO 100

Fast Recycling Time

Virtually Silent Flash Recycle

One-touch quick-lock mechanism makes it easy to attach or detach from the camera and a metal foot has been added for strength and durability

Flash controls can now be set through the camera's LCD screen on compatible EOS Digital SLR cameras

Recycle time is 20% faster (as compared to the 430EX)

Compatible with Canon's wireless E-TTL; it can be used as an affordable "slave unit"

Approx. 20% faster recycling time, compared to previous 430EX

Full flash control possible on camera menu, with compatible EOS Digital SLR cameras

Full swivel, 180° in either direction

Zoom flash head covers range of 24-105mm; maximum guide number 141 ft./43m at ISO 100

Flash Type Mode - E-TTL II, E-TTL, TTL

Compatible Cameras - All Canon EOS cameras; PowerShot G series cameras

Guide Number - 141 ft./43m (at ISO 100); flash head at 105mm zoom setting

Flash Coverage - Fixed condenser lens with inner zoom: (1) Auto Zoom, (2) Manual Zoom, (3) Wide Panel, Zoom positions: 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 80mm, 105mm; Indicated by numerals on the LCD's focal length display, Image Size Zoom Control: With cameras compatible with auto zoom, it zooms automatically to match the camera's image size

Number of Flashes - Approx. 200 to 1,400, with AA-size Alkaline Batteries manufactured within the last three months or AA-size Ni-MH fully-charged batteries

Recycling Time - Approx. 0.1 to 3.7 seconds (AA-size Alkaline Batteries)/0.1 to 2 seconds (AA-size Ni-MH batteries)

Flash Range - At ISO 100, with EF 50mm f/1.4, For normal flash: Approx. 2.3-79.7 ft./0.7-24.3m, For high sync speed (EF flash): Approx. 2.3-39.4 ft./0.7-12m

AF Assist Beam - Built-in; covers all focus points in EOS cameras up to 9 AF points; Effective range At center: Approx. 2.3-32.8 ft./0.7-10m, Effective range Periphery: Approx. 2.3-16.4 ft./0.7-5m (in total darkness)

Custom Functions - Six user-selectable Custom Functions built-in; set on Speedlite's LCD panel

Power Source - Four AA-size Alkaline Batteries (6V); Four AA-size Ni-MH (4.8V)

External Power Source - External power supply: compatible with Dust- and Water-Resistant External Power Pack, Canon battery pack CP-E3 and Transistor Pack E

Dimensions - 2.8 x 4.8 x 4.0 in./72 x 122 x 101mm

Weight - 11.6 oz./330g (without batteries)

Product Info

  • Product ID: 21654609
  • SKU: 013CAN017
  • Supplied By: Canon

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