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Flashes & Flash Accessories

Twin Flash Heads

Fully Adjustable Positions

Highly Flexible Lighting Set-ups

Built in Modelling Light

High output with maximum guide number 22 with twin heads or 24 with single head

E-TTL autoflash control including high-speed FP flash, FE Lock, FEB and flash ratio control1

Operates as the master unit in a wireless E-TTL autoflash system

The MT-24EX mounting ring can be attached directly to the front of the macro lens and has a forward tilting control unit. As the control unit will not hit the flash, even when the mounting ring is rotated, the design makes the MT-24EX ideal for use with any of 5 Canon EF macro lenses.

The flash heads are fitted to the rotating mounting ring and can be individually rotated both horizontally and vertically for maximum flexibility and control.As well as this it is possible to detach the flash heads from the mounting ring further expanding the range of possible lighting setups.

The MT-24EX is a highly adaptable lighting system for all kinds of close-up and creative photography.

High power output offering a maximum guide number of 22 when shooting with both flash heads or guide number of 24 when shooting with a single flash head (ISO 100, metres)

Mounting ring can be rotated 50 degrees upwards or 30 degrees downwards - the control unit is designed to not interfere with the mounting ring with smaller Canon macro lenses

Individual flash heads can be tilted vertically by 45 degrees upwards or downwards as well as horizontally by 60 degrees inwards or 30 degrees outwards for total flexibility

Flash heads can also be removed from the mounting ring for advanced lighting set-ups

Evaluative through-the-lens autoflash control balances natural light with flash to deliver natural looking photographs

E -TTL features include high-speed FP sync mode, Flash Exposure (FE) Lock, flash exposure compensation and flash exposure bracketing for complete photographic control

Flash ratio control1 possible that allows flash output to be controlled between each flash head - control is possible in 13 steps of stop increments from 8:1 ratio through to 1:8 ratio

Wireless flash control allowing multiple Speedlites to be controlled by the MT-24EX - up to 3 groups can be controlled when used with EOS-1D, EOS D30, EOS-1v, EOS 3 and EOS 30/33

Ideal for use on any of 5 Canon EF macro lenses including the MP-E65mm f/2.8 1-5X

Built in modelling light enabled by the depth of field preview button or shutter button

Nine Custom Functions (CF) that enables the MR-24EX to be customised to the user

Compatible with external power packs for faster recycle time

Powered by four AA-size batteries (alkaline, lithium, Ni-Cd or Ni-MH)

1 Advanced E-TTL operation includes flash ratio control and 3 wireless slave groups, EOS models that support full advanced E-TTL operation are EOS-1D, EOS D30, EOS-1v, EOS 3 and EOS 30/33

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